God decided what you are.

Yeah… um… medical student here. I also hold degrees in psychology and religion, and have several years of christian ministry on my CV. I doubt that my qualifications will make you take me seriously, but maybe it was worth a shot.

Please just Google “intersex.” Please. Read about how many people are born with any combination of sex chromosomes and any combination of sex organs and what their lives are like. Read about how many people are “assigned” — by doctors, not by God, and it turns out wrong for them.

You know how plastic bottles mostly say “BPA free” now? That’s because there’s A TON of published evidence that phthalates in plastics have contributed to a large spike in male children born with ambiguous genitalia.

Then tell us all about how God clearly defines what you are at birth.

I was a Christian, once —and I still have some Christian friends. But I’ll be blunt: it’s Christians like you who cause people to hate religion.

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