Vinted App Pros (and lots of) Cons

Vinted. You’ve seen the advertisements about this app. Really hip chicks have really hip clothes that they no longer need. They want to declutter and send their preloved wardrobe off to someone else who can love them some more.

And that’s fine. We all need to declutter and we can all use some extra cash. Having space for more clothes and the money to get the ball rolling on a new wardrobe sound great, doesn’t it?

The whole process seemed easy enough. List your items, take some photos, get some money, send the…

Right now, I’m holding a sick baby. He has a runny nose, congestion, a cough, and hasn’t slept well for days. I’m not worried that it’s coronavirus because he doesn’t have a fever and he’s acting fairly normal in the daytime. He’s trying to crawl, plays with his toys, and jabbers to us.

During the week, he goes to Baby Sensory and baby dance class. All of those classes are socially distanced and he doesn’t play with any other kids. This makes me think it’s not germs he’s caught from anyone.

However, at the swimming pool he’s so cold that…

This is a blurry photo of my very active 9 month old son.

As a new mom, or mum, or even mam as we say in North East England, I’ve already experienced way more than I ever imagined possible.

And with this new-found lifestyle I have decided like most mothers before me, to start writing about mom life, being a mom, handling a tiny human and, especially, handling a tiny child during a global pandemic.

Jack was born in December, and my husband was home after Christmas for paternity leave for 3 weeks. …

Jack’s been doing well with a schedule. He slept through the night last night but that was after a lot of fussing. Tonight I eased him into it and he did much better. Here’s to another night of snoozing. 🤞🏻 Also, walking and Fit Adventures has been my exercise of choice lately.

Since it was rainy and windy again today, Jack and I took another car ride. This time we went to Beamish and back. I miss that place so much. I also found out that Taco Bell delivers, so that was our dinner. It doesn’t take much to make me happy. 🌮

Jack and I took a ride in the car today since it was raining. We drove out past The Angel and around where our old flat was. I still miss that area. I’d move back if we could ever get a nice house there. Daisy and I went to the park, chatted to the other dogs, and got rained on.

Yesterday was a good day for Florida and The Space Coast. My Dad took this photo from the backyard. The house is about 18 miles away from the launch pad. Florida does have its perks. We still don’t know if we’ll visit in September or not. I miss it, but we have to be safe.

The last two days, we’ve enjoyed the sunshine by taking walks around the neighbourhood. Today we went 2 miles to the Quayside and I got 12 activity points for the day. I wonder when WW and Slimming World will be meeting again. I could use the motivation.

Friday is a bank holiday to coincide with VE Day. It’s supposed to be 69F today. Maybe Jack and I will take a ride or a walk in the pram. I have exercise classes and a bike to ride. I could jog again but I’m sort of tied up in mommy-ing. At least Mister Pick isn’t working today.

Suzanne Schultz Pick

Jack’s Mum. Mrs. P. Author. Library IT Assistant. American in England. I love books, blogging, bullet journals, and planners.

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