A cool new feature which gives your GitHub profile a bit of personality.

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GitHub has recently rolled out a new feature which allows you to add a README to your GitHub profile. Here’s how to get yours in two steps.

1) Create a new repo with the same name as your GitHub username.

Go to and type your GitHub username into the Repository name field.

Make sure you leave it as a Public repo and initialise it with a README.

When you press the Create repository button, the README will be live immediately with some default content.


It’s easier to combat procrastination when you’ve got cheerleaders behind you.

This article was originally published on my website on 10th May 2020. I have updated some of the figures here (eg the number of completed events has now doubled to 18) to reflect our achievements to date.

Lockdown. Many of us are spending 23 hours a day at home. We’re all looking for ways to break the monotony. But somehow the pile of unfinished or unstarted projects seems no more appealing than it did 13 weeks ago…

Back in April, I agreed to help my friend and Ladies Of Code (LoC) London co-organiser, Sarah, set up her personal blog site…


A convenient way to serve up and consume parts of a full English breakfast

While visiting a taqueria in San Diego, I discovered the breakfast burrito: sausage, ham, cheese, egg and potato all steaming hot inside a tortilla. As all the components of a full English breakfast are readily available here in the UK, I decided to make my own version of this dish at home.

Here is my recipe. I didn’t skimp on prep time but there are definitely some convenience shortcuts, which I have included within the method.

Preparation and cooking time: 30 minutes


Some Basic Steps You Can Take To Protect Your Online Meeting

The threat of COVID-19 meant we had to take Ladies Of Code (LoC) London events online or not meet at all. I had heard of Zoom-bombing and wanted to reduce the risk to our members.

Friends of mine told how they had attended other online meetups on Zoom, only to have the screen share hijacked by a troll broadcasting graphic hardcore porn. A week after we had our first online event, another group’s large meeting was Zoom-bombed, leaving attendees traumatised.

It’s important to note that Zoom is not the only platform that bad actors can target. We considered a range…

If you’re a JavaScript developer, you’ll know about console.log(), but have you heard of console.table(), or console.assert()?

The very first bug

console.table(), and console.assert() aren’t as well-known as console.log(), but they are very useful for debugging.

Let’s take a look, using some example data.

Imagine you are running an e-commerce website. You sell a number of different kitchen items.

You store details about these items in objects, within an array named products.

You can see the product ID, product name, the price and whether or not each one is in stock.

You can see that the coffee maker is the only one out of stock.

What happens if we simply console.log(products)?

It’s only been a couple of hundred kilometres since I started being able to run 5k without stopping…

(CW/TW: body weight) In June 2016, after a couple of months of breathless perseverance, I managed to jog a whole 5k for the first time. It was all I’d set out to do. I swore I had no desire to run a race, let alone longer distances.

Yet, last weekend, I found myself lining up at 7am in 6c (43f) temps with wet feet waiting for the starting pistol on a 10k race.

Looking back, my interest in trials grew with my…

I got one for Christmas and have used nothing else since.

I first started using a fountain pen in primary school, when I was about nine years old. It was a Platignum School cartridge pen, very light with a unique shape. They were personal-issue, as were the squares of pink blotting paper.

At junior school in the 1980s it seemed to be a rite of passage: once you had mastered joined-up writing in pencil, you graduated to fountain pen. I am not sure if that’s still the case now. …

The Music Box, San Diego, California, 9th January 2020

She was a literal one-woman band: KT Tunstall, her Taylor guitars (“made from sustainable wood!”), tambourine, synthesisers and loopers.

We were very lucky to see her, as she’d had to cancel the previous three shows of her West Coast Ramble tour due to illness. She was still not 100%, she explained to us, as she administered a dose of Singer’s throat spray. “It’s PROFESSIONAL STRENGTH! I’m a professional!”

(I’m definitely not a professional, but I might get some. I sang solo at the Fringe Festival in KT’s home town last summer…

A sinister place, full of criminal activity? Or a place where good people do good things?

“The dark web” is a phrase we’ve heard a lot in the past few years. Also known as “the darknet”, it has a reputation for being a massive place full of illicit websites.

In fact, the dark web makes up a tiny percentage of all the websites available in the world today. There are millions of sites on the World Wide Web and, it’s estimated, only 7000 to 50000 on the dark web.

So what’s the dark web?

Before we go into that, we should think about the other layers of the Internet.

This is the web we see when…

What they’re for, why we need them and why there are different kinds…

Without an operating system (OS), a computer would be useless: a bit like a business without a manager. But what are they for and how do we use them?

The operating system is a piece of software which co-ordinates all the computer’s functions and its relationships with internal and external hardware (eg the Central Processing Unit, printers, scanners) and software (eg apps).

So, for example, on your desktop computer, laptop or mobile phone, there’s an operating system which does all the following jobs:

  • Allocates the memory (RAM (Random Access Memory) required to run applications (like Microsoft Word, your e-mail client…

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