Why Trump voters are not “complete idiots”
Chris Arnade

The elephant in the room is that in capitalism, money always and inexorably aggregates in the hands of a few. Regulating that capitalism can have a slowing effect, but the aggregation always and eventually wins. At some point, the aggregation allows the elites to dismantle all significant regulation (something that Trump has promised.) The intelligencia, wanting to maintain their positions above the blue-collars, become the spin-meisters of those few with all the resources — the talking heads of media who sell the story, the financiers who facilitate the upward movement of resources, the lawyers, who manage the power of the state to take what won’t be given voluntarily, the doctors, who eventually only treat the affluent…etc. They are classified as “elite” but are only elite in that their day-to-day lives are privileged. This sounds like splitting hairs, but their fortunes could turn in an instant, and historically have done so. Hoffer calls these “scribes.”. (The True Believer) Doctors, lawyers, educators, etc., are only (in the best of cases) a year or two ahead of bankrupcy should they lose their livelihoods — frequently we’re talking months. Labeling the scribes as “elites” is both true and not true. True elites (let’s continue Hoffers metaphor and call them “nobility” have so much that their fortunes would keep them indefinitely — they are economically bullet-proof. If the elites need to feed the scribes to the populace (near the end of the looting circuit), they do so without a thought. Right now, this is The Donald’s job. The aggregation continues, through fits and spurts until the bread and circus (and Trump is lovely circus) runs dry. For all the talk of “revolution” or change, nothing happens until real economic hardship happens. (starvation-type hardship). By then the elites have fomented the civil wars that will thin the herds. Occasionally an uncareful elite will get caught up,but mostly not. Scribes are frequently the first target. Trump plays also to this. I am torn between being disgusted with all this and simply accepting that this is the way of humanity.

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