dumb question, how do you come up with things to work on?
moh tabi

There are no rules for this sort of thing, so generally it depends!

  1. I have worked on both brand new projects and established projects. I have picked up code in the middle of a WIP branch too before. Each stream doesn’t have to have an end, but personally I like to explain next steps for the project, thank everyone for watching, and let them know when my next stream is before waving good bye or answering any remaining q’s in the chat.
  2. I code for all levels, as I try to explain everything I’m doing. I expect that intermediate and higher audiences would understand the most about what I’m working on though, which makes sense.
  3. I code for at least an hour, normally two hours. Generally I have the aim of wanting to complete a certain task for feature, and try to choose things that are scoped well to around 2 hours.
  4. Both! Sometimes it’s code I could write in my sleep, other times it’s new libraries, new services, etc. There’s commonly at least one small “I haven’t coded something like this in a while,” or “I want to try this approach out that I read about but am new to” every few episodes.
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