Weeks 28–32 — Thank you for the elephants…

  • I’m grateful for summer days
  • I’m grateful for hours of cups of tea in the garden
  • I’m grateful for the very fine gift of not one, but two new outdoor tablecloths with elephants on them (Thanks SM xx)
My beautiful elephant tablecloths — Image by Suzi Butcher
  • I’m grateful for sister time
  • I’m grateful for niece time
  • I’m grateful for a deluge of cousins who think nothing of dressing up in mermaid leggings (and walking out in public with them), just for a laugh
Mermaid Leggings — Photo by Steven Ager
  • I’m grateful for the little boy who, on spying said leggings, said: “They must be a family.”
  • I’m grateful for the world’s loveliest next-door neighbours who lent us their abode while they went on holiday so the deluge of cousins could be housed, and even took down the fence panel in between so we could really believe we had one huge house between us
  • I’m grateful for our substantial cache of wine
  • I’m grateful for the slowest ever walk down the South Bank, as the cousins embraced London Town and took in all the summer goings-on (about four hours for a walk which normally takes about 25 minutes — that’s a proper meander!)
  • I’m grateful for the time and space to talk about family stuff
  • I’m grateful for my fella embracing cousins who are not even HIS cousins
  • I’m grateful for next-door’s washing line when it came to washing all the sheets and towels (Ok — we didn’t have quite as much room as in the picture below, but it felt like it compared to what we’re used to!)
Washing on line in Hallig Hooge, Germany — Image by Michael Gäbler via Wikimedia Commons
  • I’m grateful my 11-year old niece invited me to her musical performances extraordinaire. There’s nothing like kids singing their blessed little hearts out to give me a good old weep…
  • I’m grateful I didn’t have a job to go to while all this was going on
  • I’m grateful I decided to suspend all attempts at productivity so I could enjoy the moment
  • I’m grateful for summer days

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FOR HANDY REFERENCE: 2016 habits glued to the Jenga Tower so far:
The post that started it all — For the first time that I can remember, I’m not waiting for something…
Week 1 — Get up early, ignore social media/email/news-infused mobile phone with special dopamine enhancing features and head straight to old-fashioned pen and paper for writing of Daily Intentions and identification of day’s Peace Mission
Week 2 — The keeping of the ‘DONE!’ list, predominantly made up of achieved Peace Missions.
Week 3 — Breaking the day down to a magic formula 
Week 4 — Getting a glass of water down you first thing in the morning!
Week 5 — Learning to code in my bid to become a ‘Woman in Tech’
Week 6 — Gratitude Dude — filling in my 10 year gratitude journal
Week 7 — A reluctant introduction of exercise to my day (stretching)
Week 8 — Wandering Wednesdays! Making the most of the world around you.
Week 9 — Reading up on mindfulness — but no plan yet!
Week 10 — More exercise, because, well, you just have to…
Week 11 — Taking stock of your day with Evening Reckonings
Week 12 — Quarterly Reflection — How am I doing so far?
Week 13+ 14 — Abundance Therapy. Living the ‘Business Class’ life.
Week 15 — Getting those 10,000 steps in.
Week 16+17 — Planning the day ahead
Week 18 + 19 — Flossing! Or how to use those mini bottle brush thingies…
Week 20 — Making sure you get your daily dose of bliss
Week 21 — Rewarding yourself with Mindless Screen Time once you’ve done the chores!
Week 22 — Writing a bit every morning…
Week 23 — Working on your ‘side hustle’
Weeks 24–26 — Getting back on the wagon
Week 27 — How to get what you want through conversations