Visual storytelling goes high tech

‘Visual chief storyteller’ Natalka Talkowska of Natalka Design was chosen by Microsoft to illustrate the benefits of their Surface Pro tablet in a YouTube video launched yesterday.

Natalka runs both Natalka Design and Doodle-le-do. “The first is all about giving businesses more personality, playing with visual communication, refreshing consulting and showing ways to liven up events and meetings. Doodle-le-do is fun drawing get-togethers.

Starting in London a year ago, Doodle-le-do events were launched in Dublin, Poland, Dordrecht, Milwakuee, Nairobi, Toronto, Atlanta, New York and Paris. Events are limited to 20 people to keep the setting intimate yet informal.

“Doodle-le-do surpassed my ‘fun-o-meter’ expectations,” said Kathryn Louise Geels, a committed Doodle-le-do-er. “I thought it might have ended up being a bunch of girls all with their heads down drawing intently. Boy, was I wrong. The drawing on our evening almost became the secondary activity.”

· Click here to see a video of Doodle-le-do event.

· Come to the next Doodle-le-do event — register here.

· Natalka will be at various events this summer: click here for details.

Both concepts have the same roots, to use art to aid business and inspire.

“There are a lot of areas in business where adding a visual is pretty much an obvious thing to, for example during a presentation or on a website,” Natalka said. “But what about using illustration to help your company stand out from the pack? In an email? Or a letterhead? Packaging? Drawings can give your brand a personality and an identity.”

“The new Microsoft Surface Pro 3 allows me to work better, faster and to be more flexible with producing on the spot visuals,” she said.

“With this new tablet I can work from anywhere and instantly produce visuals whenever I need to. Surface Pro 3 is stylish, sleek and comfortable to work with. As I can draw on the screen, working has never been so much fun.”

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