November’s a great time to…

Make things happen before this year’s over and the new one is upon us

I don’t know about you, but I love autumn. In fact, I’ve been writing loads about it this week and my writing prompted me to realise that some of the most radical things in my life that I’ve Made Happen have taken place at this very time of year.

For me, the last quarter of the year is the perfect time to look back and take stock of what you’ve achieved so far in the current year; work out what you want to squeeze into the last few weeks before the year end and pull together your ‘big pic’ for the new year ahead.

Taking stock is a great way to help plan the journey ahead

Taking stock and looking forward

This week, I’ve taken stock of the first 10 months of 2016 and set my goals for the 7-ish weeks that remain before the festivities are upon us. Overall I’m really happy with what 2016 has brought me. I’ve finally got The HUB to the point where I can introduce it to my network.

In fact, my scale up/start up, whatever you want to call The HUB has proved to be an excellent way to re-kindle the flame with people in my entourage that are important to me. I’ve always been conscious that I’m lucky to be connected to so many ‘bit hitters’, but I’ve never really reached out and asked them for anything before. Now that I have, their response has left me feeling all warm and fuzzy — thank you all!

Embrace micro-achievements

The other thing that I’m very aware of in terms of achievements this year is how I have improved my ability to get something good out of very little. In this article about micro-achievements, I tell the whole story, but to cut a long story short, I’ve adopted an app called You into my life and it prompts me every morning to appreciate something really simple. Don’t get me wrong, I probably only use about 10% of its potential, but it is a great ‘nudge’ every morning.

It’s gratitude training really, but I’ve taken it further than that. I’ve used the concept to help me achieve big things in 2016. In particular, I’ve used micro-actions to help me make big moves regarding The HUB’s development and it has really worked. A naturally black and white person, I have a tendency (when it comes to achieving things for myself NOT my clients) to want a result and want it NOW — in a real spoilt brattish kind of way. Embracing micro actions and micro achievements in my life has allowed me to train myself away from that and consciously create baby steps that’ll get me to where I want to be and let me feel great on the journey. Thank you You!

Only 7-ish work weeks of 2016 left — eeeek!

When it comes to the 7ish weeks that I have left before folding up this year and neatly putting it on the Time Now Passed pile, I have set myself a handful of things that I must achieve and 2 or 3 things that it’d be nice to achieve. For once, I’m not stressing. Year on year, over the past 11 years my business has grown. It continues to do so and that makes me v v happy :D and proud. I have great clients and my projects get more and more interesting as time goes on. Add to this that my more than 10 year old business dream has come out of its closet and is taking shape nicely. That excites me more than I care to admit. So all in all, things in my camp are pretty damned cool.

Today I want to inspire you to look back (and forward)

In this, the final quarter of 2016, I want to inspire you to look back at what you’ve achieved in 2016 and look forward to (at least) the first quarter of 2017.

  • What have you achieved this year that you’re proud of?
  • What had you hoped for that didn’t materialise?
  • Is that unachieved goal something you should hold on to or let go of?
  • What about 2017? What do you want to be doing differently at this time next year?
  • Do you have a side project you’re working on that you want to bring to the fore?
  • Do you want to take your business to a whole new level?

These are the sorts of questions I ask myself at this time of year and I’d be delighted if I could inspire you to do the same. This week, I’ve published 3 articles on The HUB blog around this whole subject. They’re each a nice short read, so pleeeez take a few mins and check them out here:

Make a list
Get organised
Embrace micro-achievements

ENJOY! — and most importantly — STAY INSPIRED!