I’m going to write a book. There… I’ve said it out loud. Now I’ve GOT to do it

I’m scaling my business. If you read my stuff you’ll know that. If you’re one of my family or friends you’ll be sick to death of hearing about it. Since making the decision to scale 19 months, 3 weeks, 4 days, 7 hours, 37 minutes and 3 seconds ago, it’s been pretty much all I think about (apart from my kids, my clients and my partner of course — yes, my partner’s last again, but he’s OK with that — his time will come).

Time to work without ‘bad mother’ guilt

My kids are both boarding this year which allows me the luxury of working Monday-Thursday evenings (inclusive) without guilt. As any mother will know guilt is the thing that we bring out to beat ourselves with when there is nothing more obvious ;). Anyway, what I’m getting at is I can work from 5.30am to midnight without anyone but my little cat that likes cuddles (the other one’s out searching for mice and fights) getting peed off at me.

Am I addicted to the buzz?

I don’t know if all scaler uppers are like me, but I go to bed buzzing and I wake up buzzing. In fact, I’m now at the stage where I’m asking myself if it’s the buzz or the end result that’s driving me. Or maybe I’m just doing this to proactively protect myself from missing my girls? Who knows, but I know I’m not looking for a shrink just yet!

HUGE (relatively speaking) Instagram success

Anyway, on Wednesday night, something happened that made me wake up, sit bolt upright and reach for my phone.

Here’s the backstory…As you probably know, I set up an Instagram account recently and (confession time), I’ve got a guy who’s posting for me. I give him the images and the content a week at a time and he puts it all online. I know that sounds like a lazy cop-out, but long story short, all my images are on Google Drive and I found myself spending ages trying to find an app or a programme that would let me upload them AND I hate that sort of job. Anyway, Matthew does it for a very reasonable fee and removes the headache from me (thank you Matthew).

We’ve (I do a bit of the work hehehehe) been posting for ±10 days. We’ve tried a combination of static images with text and videos mashed up from a static image and a track from my SoundClouds. Matthew’s conclusion is that the static images work best.

I’m no Instagram expert, but if I’m honest, I was quite chuffed at the results we’d achieved. I thought that going from a standing start to 18 followers in 10 days at the same time as averaging 10 or so likes a day was hot. Not so bad I thought. But Matthew told me that was cr*p and asked if he could try something new on Wednesday. I have no idea what he did, but the ‘likes’ came rolling in by the bucket-load. We ended up with 85 in less than a few hours. EXCITED doesn’t even scratch the surface of how I was feeling. I went to bed thinking “YES!. We’ve cracked it. Being the Joe Wicks of the startup, scale up and small business world IS within my reach”. Now that the ball’s rolling, there’ll be no stopping us. YIPPEE!

Reality strikes

At 3.30am. I woke up suddenly and thought. Sh*t, I should check out who those 85 followers are. I know it’s virtually unthinkable, but maybe they’re not startup founders, perhaps they’re not even small business owners? Yup. You’ve guessed it. They were a band of spammers who are probably swarming around Instagram making sad, naive people like me falsely ecstatic. Thankfully I’d drilled deeper before going too far down this particular rabbit hole. Mental note to self: speak to Matthew to better explain my target buyers ;)

Out of chaos comes…AN IDEA

I tried to go back to sleep but failed.

In my insomniac state my mind went back to 2 years ago when my mentor said to me “the best way to show people your expertise and grow your reach at the same time is to write a book”. “E-books are old hat” I said to him. “Not gonna do that”. This bit I didn’t say but I now realise that I kind-of did (unintentionally and unfortunately — sorry Marc): What do you know anyway, you’ve only been doing this stuff hugely successfully for a very, very long time and know a whole lot more than me. Yes — I’m putting my idiot suit on as we speak!

Anyway, long story short, between 3.30 and 5am, without raising my head from the pillow and if my memory serves me well, without too much tossing and turning, I had an outline for my book sketched out. And before I’d finished my first cup of tea it was written out in all it’s glory.

Share that goal — it’s a whole lot more likely to be achieved

I know myself. I’m impulsive. So I thought, I’d better not mention this to anyone right now, just in-case I change my mind. STOP! I said to myself…tell the important people and then you’ll have to do it.

I don’t recall the stats, but a goal kept in your head is x% less likely to be achieved than a goal written down. A goal written down is y% less likely to be achieved than a goal written down and shared. And, if my memory serves me well, the goals most likely to be achieved are those written down (done), shared (done) and spoken out loud (done).

So basically, yes, you’ve got it — the core of my scale up reach out is going to be a book that I’ve now committed to write before end Q1 2017. And now I’m telling all of you. Am I scared? Yes. Excited? Yes. Glad I’ve told you all — DEFINITELY!

Watch this space. And in the meantime, if you want to stay close to my progress let’s connect (this is the form used for my Newsletter, but that’s the only one I’ve got for the mo so let’s connect on that anyway-don’t forget that I’m bootstrapping this scale up). I’ll share my journey with you every Sunday afternoon (or morning or evening depending on where you are in the world). There are exciting times ahead — hehehehehe!