Suzie Perlstein
May 5, 2016 · 4 min read

Boo. I don’t know you but I love you. I am so grateful for your words. I am a strong Hillary Clinton supporter, I am her age, I physically remember the past 50 years in American history.

My generation marched for civil rights when we were in Jr High. My generation heard that JFK was dead over the radio. I was in Study Hall, the table was round, I remember every detail of the room.

My generation lived thru the Riots over the anger and frustration of bad housing, low pay, poor schools, unemployment, segregation, an inability to be accepted into certain schools because of circumstances of birth, things that were so overwhelming its a miracle anyone got past it. I watched my city, Detroit, burn for 4 days, with National Guard tanks in my city.

My generation died in Vietnam. And the bulk of the KIA were poor kids who couldn’t get out of the draft.

My generation shut down Universites, City Halls, over that war. My 1st campaign was for RFK. I traveled for him, working in African American ghettos with a,”salt and pepper” team. I saw systemic racism I had never imagined before. My 1st Primary was Indiana and I will never forget the people. My 2nd was,Nebraska, where I saw the racism against Native Americans in addition to the regular, run of the mill racism against African Americans. My candidate died on a dirty kitchen floor in LA. That’s a tough way to loose a campaign.

My generation is Hillary Clinton’s generation. I can’t speak for her, but personally, I am sick of seeing these Bernie Bully kids act like they invented the joy and love and excitement of a Presidential campaign, which they did not, and the rest of us who don’t share their passion are not just exercising our right to an opinion, we are beneath contempt.

I am sick of being harassed with violent, profane threats by these obnoxious people on Twitter and disgusted by their candidate’s failure to address that. “In my day” if either Eugene McCarthy’s or Bobby Kennedy’s supporters had behaved that way it would have been a scandal. If either candidate had encouraged it, they would have been finished.

Today, its seen by the Media as a great story, worth pushing and encouraging to spike ratings. When we worked Primary cities we had rules. Both our team and McCarthy’s team worked the same areas. We saw each other as movers as shakers, the future of America, we didn’t hate each other. Those who did GOTV for Bobby had a dress code, we had talking points, we were trained. In fact, I sometimes did the training on bus rides to the primary. No one would EVER be so disrespectful of each other, let alone an adult. We represented our candidate and we were very proud of that.

We had the joy of working for candidates who articulated positions, and the American voter, no matter how poor, expected that.

So having outed my self as an old lady, I hope you understand why I am so overjoyed to read your piece. I am completely. the lack of respect Sanders and his wife have shown to their supporters and the country. I don’t understand why those people accept his total refusal to give them a single plan, why they accept “the dog ate my homework” as a reason not to turn over tax returns, or question a single thing he says. I see Bernie as a sad man, who has accomplished little in his life, who has been largely ignored by his colleagues because of his refusal to compromise on anything, and has never experienced anything like this before. I can’t understand how people could support hin without Google-Fact checking his record and history, if only to become more knowledgeable about him. I don’t understand why they endow him with perfection.

I support Hillary heart, lung, soul, but I have vetted her, I know the good, bad and ugly. That’s my job as a citizen. To know who the person who wants to lead my country is.

I guess what I’m saying in my long winded way is this:

As citizens we can do better than the media thinks we can. We can be more than just a screaming mob. We have a duty to OURSELVES to question anyone running for any office who fails to give us facts, numbers and detailed plans to resolve the problems we face that are grounded in TRUTH, that are not slanderous or a deflection of a lack of depth. We have a duty to demand thst the person asking for our money, time, trust and vote do more than excite or incite us.

I have yet to see this in any candidate on either side, except for Hillary Clinton. She alone has demonstrated her respect for us by offering the details of how she has thought of where we are as a nation, is aware of our fears, pain and anger, the specific needs of the elderly, the young, the challenged, has a clear, unromantic view of the Global community, our place in it, our ecconomy, our physical National conditions, etc, etc, and gets it. She had shown us RESPECT.

She’s not glib, she’s not reaching for our lowest, she’s speaking to our highest selves. She assumes we understand the information she’s giving us. She doesn’t placate, she challenges us to rise up. She’s a serious candidate and she assumes we are serious voters.

I trust her completely. I see these baseless, slanderous attacks as painful and heartbreaking, not for what they say about her, but for what they say about us.I could not be as strong as she is. I am thankful that after all these years of waiting I have another Bobby.

If you don’t quite understand that reference, Google it. RFK, issues, campaign. .what ever.

Look at film of Bobby speaking to voters, listen to what he says and how he says it. Hillary is my Bobby.

Ok. I’m done. If you made it this far, mazel tov. And thanks again for your thoughtful words.

Suzie Perlstein

Atlanta Ga

Class of 1965!!

Suzie Perlstein

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