I was there yesterday as a Bernie delegate and was one of those completely embarrassed by the small…
Tim Hodge

I really appreciate your honesty. As a Clinton supporter and volunteer, I can’t believe how badly you were treated by your Field Team. You should have been Trained. Clinton has Training for every delegate, in every State that will be sending delegates. Its mandatory and its long. No questions go unanswered, no issue is unimportant and no misinformation is allowed. Every single person knows what to expect. When I went to my delegate selection meeting in Atlanta it was friendly, fun, orderly and easy. We used written ballots.

We were separated from the Sanders delegates so we all minded our own business. It took maybe 90 minutes. I have been to a lot of State and County Conventions. What I saw the Sanders people get away with was beyond belief. No one acts like that. 4 yr olds are better behaved.

I wonder when you Bernie people will wake up and see how badly you’re being used. Being told that Clinton people would cheat, and then cheating, then lying about the events, not by you, but by your candidate, is beyond the pale. I feel badly for you. This should have been a great experience, a really important and exciting time. You’re on your way to a National Convention to participate in the nomination of our Party Candidate for President. It should have been fun, and there should have been a bonding because you’re all going to be together in Philadelphia. Instead the WORLD saw a bunch of rude American kids rioting. That’s why I appreciate your being honest. Im sorry you went thru that. Don’t stand for it again.