20 October

I can’t figure out how to upload content it’s a mystery.

I am frustrated because I want to share right away

I am time limited because I’m doing the podora method.

Have I chosen the right platform?

Should I have gone the complete beginner route?

Inspiration of the day … Carrie Green. Realise its all possible by her focus and visualisation personal experiences.

My artist and creative ambitions are blurry and unfocused, dimmed by the passing of time and by habitually not respecting myself so my dreams and creativity have nearly shrivelled and died.

Here I am for creativity regrowth!

Here’s what I’m doing at the moment to reconnect with my creativity and dusty artistic aspirations.

As of this week:

Last week I went to life drawing

This week I started a course in painting and drawing. Art pure, back to basics.

Since Monday I have imagined continuing with the basic exercise set. Academic rigorous and humbling difficult. I haven’t of course done anything. Today I’ve started the pomodora method,

Am constantly inspired by the art I see and I used to be inspired by my creative thoughts which I almost have no longer.

Lately I had a shot of a plant based digestif 55% alcohol (chartreuse)and was embolded to suggest to the restaurant owner that I do artistic works for her newly hatched and busy French traditional restaurant.

Lately I loved the cow art by which artist I cannot recall. But I’ll put up a link. Found it! Laurens’ cows, look it up. I think she puts character into her pictures. I like her presentation. I thinks her compositions are great. There’s nothing oerly arty or cerebral about this pictures. I think in getting to know a suject I paint so intimately may well result in me never eating beef again though. But that’s a whole new topic.

I am haunted by the offer I made to do a painting of the cottage we had in Holt for my brothers 50th which I still not have honoured.

I am also haunted by the painting I have done for my boyfriend which is staring back at me if I glance to my left. It’s increasingly gathering dust and fear of completion.

So these are my thoughts for today ready to upload to my art blog. Stilted quick choppy writing, and no hooks or inspirational stuff. Authenticity and accountability. Heres what will be achieved by this blog. I have already my first objectives before me! And I’m smiling.

Day 2 21 Oct 2017

So I did my second day of goals accomplished on the pomodora technique.

This is crucial, this is what brings it all togther. This takes out the subjectivity associated with guilt of not completling x number of projects. I simply do because my 30 day challenge has been set and this blog and 25 minutes of drawing is part of the 35 mins of drawing instead of the 25 mins as sometimes I don’t push the button for the timer on my iphone. I actually think I maybe did 40 mins. It’s frustrating. Steve Pavlina uses a cheap amazon solution for his pomodoras. So should I… if I do this first 30 days I’m investing. Here’s the progressing jug. The dark square is a label on the support helping with my structure.

!Moments of complete almost despair as I cnnot figure out how to do perfect elipses. Almost started wondering if my slight eye … what’s it called? No its escaped me, has something to do with it. Then moments of complete satisfaction as my newly trained arm lead the way to confident structuring lines on the page. Not hesitant little handwritiy strokes. I ust told my mind to let my arm do the work and it did. It was really, well the beginning of a tantalising relationship.

Ok well I could ponder on that or I could move on.

Here’s the order by which I am going to achieve things…

SO first I’m going to finish this jug.

I’m going to text my art teacher for a list of materials. Obviously she is old school so it’s oils, no question. Slightly relieved and slightly perturbed. I spent a lot on acrylics for my partners’ birthday… hmm, but it’s true, they just lack lustre.

Then I’m going to make up some frames, in fact I’m going to start doing that regardless. This comes under art preparation for which at the moment I haven’t carved time. But I’ll do one tomorrow!

Then I’m going to do this watercolour of the cottage for my brother. I want to send it to him or give it in person for Christmas.

Then I’m going to finish Erics painting.

Then Im going to do another still life drawing. Of jugs and apples. In oil actually with a drawing first. Previously what I thought was terminally boring has become a relief to study, it’s deceptively complicated and seems utterly essential.

Then, I know so many thens… I’m going to tackle another encaustic.

Last night I watched Put some colour in your life. I love this Ozzy Youtube series. He’s in the UK at the moment. He did a set on a woman really into Caravaggio. Useful tips! Hair gel to prolong drying time if using acrylics with flow extender, plus there’s an app that puts grids on photos … but I’m not wild on grids. Or acrylics any more.

I have thoroughly enjoyed writing about my artistic aspirations. I want to put it up!