Suzie, thank you so much for giving voice to what so many of us have undoubtedly been thinking and…
Antone Johnson

Bobby died this day, June 6, 1968, at 1:44 am.

I believe he would love the Clintons. I believe he would be disgusted by Trump, Sanders, and the Cable News of today. He would find it stupid. Shallow. Insulting.

He was a strong advocate for the underdog, this country and the Democratic party. He was concerned about these things: poverty, war, lack of freedon, food, water, education, if it was in this country or any country. He had a global view of the way people lived, not just for our hungry kids, but for all hungry kids,. He was awed by the environment we lived in, nature, he was the kind of timeless man that would be at home in the world of today, at home IN it, not WITH it.

He would adore this Pope. He was actually very, VERY far left, more so than Sanders or Clinton. His positions were far more radical than his brothers. He had well thought out solutions for what he saw as the problems holding us back from achieving our best, like Hillary does. The Clintons remind me of him with their attention to details, the thought they give to making a solution into a concrete program that works as it should to help resolve the problem. Today Bobby wioudl be a Wonk.

He hated Dictators. He was a very interesting man, read the Classics, loved poetry. The Press cue to get on the bus was the quote Teddy read at his funeral ..”I see things that never were and ask why not”. And he did.

He was far from perfect. We joked about Ruthless Robert. But he could be very ruthless. He failed to appreciate the genius of Lyndon Johnson, as did his brother, which probably set back Civil Rights legislation a couple of years. The Kennedy family in general was terrible to Lyndon Johnson, who I personally count as one of the best Presidents we have ever had. But he was my Bobby, and knowing he had feet of clay made him more, not less remarkable.

I often think of what this country would be today if he and his brother had lived long, rich, full lives. I believe it would have been a better place but we will never know. All I know is what he said to every person listening to him, standing on that Flat Bed truck with a microphone if we were lucky, or just talking in his own soft, reedy voice, telling people that if they wanted change they had to make it happen,had to be educated, had to register to vote, run for office, even if they started with the PTA, be activily involved in their comnumnity, and create the changes they wanted by never giving up. Telling them that riots set them back. All that with the smokestill in the air. What a loss.I love to read his speeches, or listen to them on YouTube. May his name be a Blessing. May we always seek your Newer World.

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