Bernie Sanders Illegally Used Campaign Funds For Trip To Italy-FEC Filings
Kevin Orr

Thank you for this article. I have been SCREAMING about this on twitter (@Suzie4Hillary4Potus) for weeks, I actually started before he told the world he was going to Italy. I got rabid when they came back and one of Bernie’s over paid Honchos blithely said in response to a reporter’s question that the Campaign paid for the trip.

AH HAH! I thought! NOW it all falls apart! The FEC is going to swoop in like a Giant Jewish Mother and cerate all kinds of pain for them. But no. They Violated him, again, as they do every month, but quietly, and the News Readers said nothing.


It’s CONVERSION OF FUNDS and it’s not just an FEC Violation. It’s ILLEGAL for any incorporated entity or nonprofit to do that. You just can’t. It’s a crime. It’s been a crime for who knows how long, maybe since the Magna Carta, perhaps it’s in Leviticus, but it’s a known crime. You can’t take funds that are raised for a single purpose and use them for another purpose. Remember that tycoon in NYC, actually wasn’t he the CEO of TYCO? who had the fancy shower curtain and umbrella stand? Didn’t he go to trial over conversion? I think so. But who knows, I could be wrong. Far be it for me to accuse Bernie of criminal behavior. J)

At any rate, Jane incorporated the campaign before they announced, which is a nifty way to keep unpaid Campaign debt away from their personal credit report. In other words, the incorporated campaign holds the debt and not Bernie. Now that may be standard, I don’t know, but it sounds kind of like a 1% move to me.

I remember emailing Hillary First Responders in 08 to donate to her campaign to pay off their remaining debt. By the way, she didn’t ask for that, it was my idea. I knew Bill went to the UK to make some speeches to pay it off. So it doesn’t sound like they incorporated to avoid having to pay off the remaining debt. It sounds like Bill, exhausted, dragged himself to the UK to make some money to pay his bills. They owed 10 Million and paid off every penny. That’s who the Clintons are.

At any rate, Bernie and Jane are Grifters. They have a history. Burlington College was a blip in their timeline. I have also shared that evidence on Twitter and Facebook.

It may sound like I am obsessed with the criminal activity of the Sanders Campaign. I am. I take umbrage when my candidate is maligned and smeared for decades by the Press and Media and the GOP without a shred of actual fact or evidence, hunted by the GOP and aforementioned Media over invented charges, her husband smeared, her daughter attacked, for no reason other than the GOP is afraid of them and the Press and Media make a ton of money off those attacks.

I am angry when I see the willful avoidance of the history of illegal acts by Jane and Bernie, who are running for President and 1st Lady, ignored by EVERY News outlet, the same hacks who spend hours of air time repeating the same story, unproven, about Hillary all day, every day. YES Wolf Blitzer, Jake Tapper, Chuck Todd, Rachael Maddow, Andrea Mitchell, all the rest of MSNBC, except Joy Reed, YOU did this. You still do it, and have never apologized to her. Having a good Agent who can negotiate a YUGE multiyear contract for you to read news does not give you the moral authority to slander people.

Anyway….I digress. This is what happens when I see a totally unqualified, criminal narcissist elevated to God like status by the Media, AKA the Press and Cable TV.

I know I sound a bit deranged myself. I am. In my mind, those who run for President of this country OWE us something. They owe us integrity. They should not be using our precious Political system as a stepping stone to wealth, or as a distraction from their utter failure to accomplish anything in a job that pays $176,000. annually in addition to great Bennies over a 25 year time span.

I get really angry when I see the very people who are making millions a year to read us the news NOT ask a single question about illegal activity that anyone, including me, can find on Google. Or questioning why Bernie has a CREF loaded with Wall Street investment houses, including Goldman Sachs, and “BIG BANKS”, ‘but devote hours, days, and weeks to the speculation about Hillary Clinton’s email. I have sent them my findings, the findings of others, all of it researched, actual newspaper articles with pictures! investigating Bernie and Jane, and they say nothing.

So here’s where I stand.

I have accepted that the money from the increased price per second charged for advertising air time is more important than actual Journalism I don’t like it but I accept it.

I am over my disgust for the News Readers I mentioned before. I won’t be watching them after November, if then, something they will survive I’m sure.

I will recover after Hillary is sworn in. Until then, I am trying to modulate my tone. I never swear on Twitter or Facebook, or here. But I have not yet sought treatment for my rabid dislike for the Cable Media News Readers. I kind of like my kind of crazy for now. I am reading more Print Journalism now, like Phillip Bump, for one, and learning more. And I found this place, this Medium, where I have found others who are as bothered as I am by mediocre information resources on television.

And as I finish this Jake Tapper is slamming Hillary over TPP. As usual, he sounds like a yenta at the Beauty Shop, circa 1964, under the hair dryer, with a True Hollywood magazine reading aloud. He’s doing his best to create a new question of criminality about Hillary. The man has no bottom.

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