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Long before there was a pandemic, lots of articles were published with statistics directly linking a positive onboarding experience to employee success, engagement and retention. Then along came that pandemic, with a fully remote workforce that broke most new hire processes immediately.

Companies with robust programs have gone back to the drawing board to rework their best practices, and firms without strong systems have had to start from behind. That’s why our InsideOut Design Leader Community got together to explore and share ways for creative leaders to set new hires up for success, remotely.

Rethink the Ramp-up Plan

Whatever your typical ramp-up time was for new employees, triple it. Creative leaders agreed that while a clear 30–60–90 day plan is absolutely necessary, the expectations at each milestone should be reduced–and remarkably clear. One VP’s team is using the well-known book Radical Candor to encourage open communication throughout the ramp-up period and beyond. Another is setting professional development goals immediately, acknowledging that learning happens over time and sharing accountability with staff to achieve growth on a timeline that works for everyone. …


Susie Hall

I connect design, experience & ops leaders through live roundtables that build networks & solve real-world problems faster. Join us: aquent.com/insideout

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