Day 4-Andela Bootcamp class III Nairobi

What a challenging day! After our usual morning warm up we were energized enough to start our lessons.

Godson took us through different data types as well as functions where we worked on many examples while testing the same. Javascript is now sinking into my system unlike the first two days when I felt like it was too complex.

We were then introduced to andela labs website and asked to work on at least 10 exercises on that site. Each question is different and is meant to horn our skills in all data types.I managed to work on four of them by the end of day and I hope to complete the rest by end of the day tomorrow.Most importantly i was ableto differentiate between return and console.log and when to use them.

It has been an exhausting day but worth every effort. Through teamwork, I have noted it’s easier to answer the questions and also makes it easy to understand. By discussing with my desk mate, it got easier for me to understand many concepts and work on my own faster.Finally our food for thought is out and we will be discussing ‘how to improve solution speed/efficiency’ .

My soft skills continue to sharpen and I can see a brighter future for andela since I will leverage my teamwork skills to work together with other developers to solve problems faster.

I look forward to an exciting tomorrow.