Pragmatics Reflection
Po Cheng Chen

As you say, we have many chances to greet with our friends in classes, so I can understand why you chose that situation. What I was surprised to your talk was that you and your friends say only “Hi(Hey), how are you?” or just “Hi.” and that’s it. In my classes, we say ” Hi, how is it?” and start to talk something.Maybe the content itself is not so important, we just take it important to talk something. However, we can know to each other more and sometimes even find common interests or topics, so it’s worth keep talking.

Body language is very important especially in this culture. I don’t know about your country, but in my country, we don’t use so many body languages as people in America. But I like this body language culture because I can feel other’s thoughts or feeling more directly and I can express myself easily.

Thank you for your research sharing!


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