Cat Whiskers Tea And Health Benefits of Orthosiphon Aristatus

Its to cure urination, kidney stones cleansing, inflammation of the kidney, rheumatism, syphilis, constipation, and to treat diabetes. Orthosiphon aristatus tea believed to contain genkosid compounds orthosifonin, fatty acids, essential oils, vegetable oils, saponins, sapofonin, and potassium salts.

Orthosiphon aristatus usually attract the attention of bees, butterflies and birds to the nectar. This plant trunked wet, height reaches 1.5 meters and the leaves are oval. The flowers is white like a cat’s whiskers, the stems easily broken and square-shape. Orthosiphon aristatus usually grow wild in fields, riverbanks, or rather moist soil. This plant thrives to an altitude of 700 mdpl.