Digital Marketing B2B in China

B2B means all the commercial relations between the two companies. For establishing a strong digital marketing, you need to identify your customer needs, new trends and innovations.

The key for success your Marketing B2B

Optimize your website for China

In China, 80% of buyers are looking for their information on the Internet and 95% of industrial buyers use the Internet to find suppliers. So it is capital to have a Chinese website to be listed on search engines so prospective buyers and prospects find you easily.


The reputation has a cornerstone to market your product to a market which doesn’t know you. In China, the reputation is very important, Chinese customers don’t trust the company with bad reputation. They always check all comments and users’ reviews left on the Internet.


Wechat is the most popular social media in China, with nearly 800 million active users. Chinese internet users love to share their and daily life and opinions on social medias. So Chinese social media is the best way to reach more and more audience.

Public Relations

Press Relations is also very important in the marketing B2B. Find a good PR agency for promoting your product is very good for your reputation.

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