WeChat: The evolution and future of China’s most popular app
Clark Boyd

Wechat is an e-commerce platform with killer features that has emerged as one of the most selling online giant today. It has the ability to attract Chinese Smartphone users as an ecommerce application. Their functions are social media and services to the Chinese customers. Users can access their website through Wechat and use Wechat as billing system to check-out through “one- click- payment”. This increases user experience and increases sales conversion.

Wechat shops provide your users with simple and mobile access to products in a convenient payment system. The customer service offers great service to your followers. It offers effective communication channel to millions of Chinese. Users make use of Wechat public accounts for information or making a request.

Customers buy via your Wechat shop and connect to your Wechat public account. Through this, you will give them an integrated and intuitive way to speak to your customer service. Wechat account makes you send discounts to your customers via your Wechat official account and keeps your customers updated about the promotion of brands.


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