What do Chinese read?

We both know that Chinese like book which talk about fairy, fantastic and futurist. That is the reason why they chose to interest in “The Heavenly Rose” by Richard Bouskila. This book is a mix of adventure, magic, and fight. let’s me introduce you this beautiful book.

The Heavenly Rose

Searching for the vial — The Heavenly Rose — in order to prevent the end of the terrestrial world, Zaxia, Merida’s daughter, must do her best to bring back this vial. On her death bed because of a curse, Merida will die at the setting of the sun, if her daughter, a young princess warrior, also a goddess, does not bring back the vial. Zaxia is new Eve, for Tyson, a new Adam. To do so, this teenage girl must fight Hell, who also wants The Heavenly Rose by any means, in order to carry out the annihilation of the world. There is not much time left for each other, Zaxia and Hell. A merciless fight is going to take place. Hell and Zaxia are both accompanied by unusual companions. The young Zaxia will go through all the dangers, fighting with all her strength, sometimes unusually increased. This fantastic story narrates the ultimate fight between good and evil through Zaxia and Tyson reincarnate, in order to definitely break down the evil. Every begins on a winter morning, in an isolated house, under a blizzard. Dark forces will try to get eternal life, and carry out the end of the world. Zaxia will do her best to bring back the vial, also known as The Heavenly Rose, to save her mother before Hell and his henchmen…

For the rest, just try it!

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