Day 4 and Day 5

Day 4 Advice: create a routine

While I haven’t been able to follow this advice as I have come down with a cold from the stress and lack of self care over the last several weeks after finding out I was on the Titanic with no lifeboats, this was the plan, to create routine. I figured that there is nothing wrong with adding a few things to this routine that you may not be able to uphold once going back to work. Examples of this would be me waking up early and taking the dog for a walk, cooking extravagantly amazing breakfasts and grocery shopping in the middle of the afternoon. You might as well schedule in everything you have been postponing because of the crazy work hours.

I have also decided to take this time and really care for myself, not just because I have a cold but because I have let my new love of exercising disappear into the chaos and I have been feeding by body utter crap. Nonetheless, take this time as a blessing and forced relaxation because the truth is, once you get hired again it will probably be 3–6 months before you can have hours available for vacation.

Day 5 Advice: Stay In Contact w/People

I have the most amazing team, rather had, and staying in communication with them is key to not losing my sanity being stuck in the house. Because our team functioned so amazingly we have formulated a game plan to have group job searching days.

On a side story: I live with my parents and since being unemployed it seems to have caused them to believe that I am a child again and need to be told what to do. I had to politely tell them that until I ask them for financial support, other than the fact they let me live rent free, they cannot tell me what to do. Well, my mother explained that job searching is not a group project. I beg to differ. If we can all be looking on various websites at the same time we can share job leads that are appropriate to each I individual, keeping us from searching through unnecessary jobs leads on 10 different sites.

So group job searching it is! Plus, I get to see the amazing faces I have spent more time with over the last two years. A key thing to remember is to stay focused on all the positive things that can be completed during this time without losing focus in the job hunt!

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