I see, as most of us must have, that the BBC is to remove 11,000 or more free recipes from their website and that almost everyone is pissed off about this. Whilst I do sympathise with those who believe that the BBC is a public service and should not be interfered with it does seem that it is the loss of the recipes that most bothers people. There seems to be a huge outcry, much moaning along the lines of …

“What am I supposed to eat now?”

… and a well-signed petition despite the fact that there are numerous other sites online providing equally good or better recipes and ideas also for free.

Furthermore, recipes, whilst certainly very useful, are not all that is needed to be able to cook AND learning the basics, the hows and whys of cooking, is not difficult. Once you know how a dish works and how it can be varied to your very own taste and resources then you can create exactly what you fancy whenever you like without having to rely on the BBC.

Surely this is the way to go, and for some while I’ve been trying to help ~ see here for some suggestions.


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