How I hit my goals for the year (almost!)

My husband and I very pragmatic when it comes to outlining goals for the year, whether they are personal or professional. We think about what we want to accomplish and we put them in writing. We then discuss them over dinner and we agree those are the right things to focus on for us and our family and then we’re off to the races!

We weren’t always like this, though. I wouldn’t say we were slackers but the goals seemed clearer (at least to me) prior to having children. Work hard, exercise, travel and then work some more. When we had our first child, life changed in a dramatic way. We no longer had free time to do our other activities or work 60+ hours per week. We needed to identify what is most important to each one of us and then try our best to get those things done.

I’ve been reading an interesting book that says committing to an action ( literally writing words down on paper) increases the probability it will get done by 50%. Having someone you are accountable to increase your chances of getting those things accomplished more! Seems so simple, right?

It’s hard to decide what you want for dinner tomorrow much less what you to accomplish for the year. Here are some simple questions that helped me identify my goals:

  • What will help me be a better person?
  • What do I enjoy doing and wish I could do more of?
  • What impact will this have on my family?
  • How will this goal help me reach my next one?

So where did I net out for the year? My high level goals were the following:


  • Work 30 hours per week to hit my financial goal as a consultant
  • Partner with others to develop more business
  • Grow my expertise in new areas of digital marketing
  • Grow expertise in marketing automation platforms
  • Continued learning of industry best practices


  • Complete 4 cooking classes learning cuisines I’ve never tried before
  • Write 4 articles (yes, this one counts towards my goal!)
  • Support my husband’s fitness goals

I accomplished all of my goals with the exception of hitting the 4 cooking classes - I only completed 3 cooking classes. Next year I will do a half year check in to make sure I’m on track for all of my goals. It feels great to have accomplished a majority of my goals in 2017 and I’m looking forward to even greater milestones in 2018!

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