Bitcom API Endpoint

Thanks to the guidance of _unwriter in his recent tweet thread about Bitcom we have now enabled a JSON API endpoint accessible from the metanet.

Using bottle browser we can demonstrate a connection to the endpoint for Cairns AUS weather data. Install and open Bottle browser select computers and connect to channel. The browser can be downloaded at

On the next screen connect to the available endpoint{{channel}}

Copy part of the address listed in api endpoint without :channel bit://1LtyME6b5AnMopQrBPLk4FGN8UBuhxKqrn/api/ using keyboard shortcut commands ie: ctrl c to copy selected text and ctrl v to paste.

Open new tab in Bottle browser and paste link in address bar. Open the channel you require on and copy the channel address which is the last part of the web address. Append the channel address to the link in bottle browser.

This will return data from our API endpoint. In our example for Cairns weather data the constructed link is: bit://1LtyME6b5AnMopQrBPLk4FGN8UBuhxKqrn/api/14zQZtfNsQy3rA89rmtxrqXnP3DVHaNkq1

This now allows access to the weather channel data from on-chain resources. More documentation will be available soon.