Is nationalism killing talents and opportunities?

Your life is great, you have a car, a job and you are planning your happy retirement

Europe has a big and long story and of course it is a big project that requires time to reach the huge potential, nowadays we are impatient and politicians use our emotions as the tool to propose a better future by proposing as a fact the past, that’s the pain point, therefore people prefer to live in the past and make decision accordingly to that, nationalism is enemy of union because mark differences between countries and create huge opportunities for intolerance and superiority. The losers of this scenario are the talents because most of them relocate to another country in order to meet opportunities and grow, this is probably one of the simple things to understand but very underestimated, the story teaches us about a lot of talents that have emigrated to another country to reach their potential, here a short list:

  • Sergey Brin — Google Inc, born in Russia and move to the US
  • Jan Koum — Whatsapp, born in Ukraine and moved to the US with parents
  • Andrew Grove — Intel, born in Hungary and moved to the US
  • Vinod Khosla — Sun Microsystem, born in India and move to the US

The list is very long and surprisingly longer than terrorists, but, people have decided to kill talents and opportunities, that’s crazier than threats they declare to fight on, maybe you are on opinion of that as solution for life in peace for next years but let me explain why talented people are vital for the world with a real example:
Your life is great, you have a car, a job and you are planning your happy retirement but you are consuming natural resources and talented people are struggling to solve that problem, in the meantime, they have to fight with idiocy, intolerance and ignorance.

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