The Straight Men Who Want Nothing to Do With Women
C. Brian Smith

I say let it go. It’s unfortunate that the membership includes members like Mr. “Sexual Failure”, but the idea of a monastic retreat from societal roles isn’t new and can definitely be healthy. What they point out as double standards harm both men and women, and should be bucked. For instance: the statement that 56% of judges think that “children belong with the mother” on principle. It’s not only unfair to fathers, but when women are automatically given a maternal role means they have to fight to get out of that role (say, if they want to hold a job while parenting).

I’m enjoying my freedom to make a bunch of money and keep it all, to never have children, to sleep alone in my king bed. Let men be free not to play breadwinner, not to buy engagement rings, not to sell their hot rod for a down payment. You can be selfish, or not be selfish, that shouldn’t be dependent on your relationship status. Also (sorry to break anyone’s bubble) but it doesn’t make you anti-feminist.

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