All I have

Loved , loves and friends

YES. I do have the best friends in the world. And YES I feel so loved. Surface, shallow and what? No just pure love, by people that actually care and actually do understand this twisted mind. Still I end up being sad.

Or Do I even?

A friend more empty then me show me more emotions. Negative stars to feed on….. What?

A endless mind, used with the most selfish needs ever. Still craving. Forgetting about Real life. Never tried it. Maybe its time. Or? why? who says so?

Me. You. we?

What makes me most confused will still be the sane or insane brain.

Cant decide for what pure emotion I know..

Love you, hate u


Smallest little thinking creates that little though and makes you go down memory lane.

Mind is flowing, as always. Don’t you know the feeling? like waste shit burning that has decisions of being good mate or bad waste.

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