The day the pirates concurred unconsciousness

I see it clear now: La Bandiera pirata. Its time to enter the boat crew of the flower pirates. Magic hour is striking again, my favorite hour of transformation. Similar a borderland between the fair beauty and the dark beast. In this hour the real battle royal has its playground. Let the show begin fot those who don’t fear the cold shadows of the night.

Yes. Me to.

Influences of the Spanish kitchen brings the knights around the round table. One from each country is here to defend mother nature. Wild and restless souls whom all breath life. A secret get together in a forgotten land. Here different rules decide the destiny in this disconnected bubble in the brasilia desert.

We have to go back to war mood; showing real rifle, being direct and concrete. With transparency pirates meet the vikings, the vikings meet the pirate and they blend their blood to create colorful moons in the pale and empty sand. In this group no fear for the dark exists anymore, the pirates all comes from the earth signs. Mankind with warm hearts, impulsive behavior and no emotion control. Filled with an eager to fight for justice. We are the floating nomads of our time: Pirates on board!

The vivid and fluent kitchen creates flowers in symbiosis. A dialoge between culturally differences is creating bridges between the lonely warriors. The taste experience is heating up their minds and creating bridges between their equal and pure minds. Heat is the true passion needed in hard times. We all share for a sustainable future in this schizophrenic society and we need to stick together. Time of endless space is taking over and the blue frequency leads us into a new level of consciousness, away fromt the unconscious ones.

Open arms give open answers. Vive le pirate of pure life.

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