”It does not matter where I go, the problems are the same. Its a constant wheel of ignorance and misunderstanding that creates war. War between humans that does not understand the word collaboration. ”

In Fortaleza my flight had already departure. Fan. This is worst case scenario for my stress level but I managed to get a new one and with transport through the station they helped me to board on time and I left straight away, I was so HAPPY!!! The flight from Milano-Fortaleza went well and I slept the whole way. I actually got woken up by 3 men who thought I was dead. ”You slept the whole way”. Yes, stupid, why are you waking me up?.. But apparently they thought I was dead or felt bad or something so maybe it was just kindness. 
 Well. A little bit enjoyed since it was 2 hours left and the plane made a pit stop in Lecife or something.

In Sao Luiz I was the last one out and when the doors open to the arrival center I see the most beautiful face, C. My friend and lover. The pirate, the man and the most straightforward living person I know. I love you. I will always remember the feeling of happiness when I meet you there at the airport. You make me feel good.

In Sao Luis all people starred at me, both C and his friend M saw it. My dress was maybe a little bit transparent but come on… :) Then we drove, for a long time, maybe 4 hours. Then we arrived to Baherrinas, what a small little chaotic town with more people starring. From there we crosses the river and Marco drove me with a 4-wheel motor out in the no where, I was stunned by the nature. It was a clash of the 4 elements and nothing else. We drove on small roads in the deep sand, surrounded by desert hills and green forest. Its a labyrinth, I don’t know how he could ever find his way through this.The sand hills and the dark sky with all the stars in the world showed the path to the destination. After almost an hour we arrived to the Nature reservoir which name I never remember.

The first sight was wonderful.Animals walking around, the palm trees and the sand. Although I couldn’t help myself from seeing the plastic everywhere, but it was a feeling of really being in the middle of nothing. The only people you see during the day are the flower pirates working in the boat-bar in the beach. Strong, rare and wonderful persons from all over the world. A group of individuals who shared a new life in the middle of nowhere where Kite and beach life are the two major activities of the day. Its a strong group of people with a lot of heart and understanding. They are kite nomads whom has brought life to this small village where interplay with the world wide web is not common among the natives older generation. The digital global nomads with experience and understanding for culture. Here they meet people who are the opposite and I notice a tension between the two groups and its hard to collaborate when they dot know or what to ow what it means.

The day after they showed me the beach. Its so amazing and the time water makes the beach change 45 minutes every day, its a constant wheel of transformation created by nature. The white sand, the blue sea, the rich vegetation meeting sand and the air that is constantly blowing is a sensation to see and feel. The crosspoint for the elements and in the night a to of people do fire. I know its for burning stuff, work, but I see it as the most beautiful thing ever. I love the making of the fire and its powerful tendency.

Empty of people I felt like the whole world was mine. I could feel the power going through my body and mind and I realized that I need this. The quite talk of the nature, away from the crowd and the home where I cant relax from controlling all moves. Here its not possible to control anything, the time is standing still and here is not the place to stress or push things. Although I will try a little bit.

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