Disconnected and still more connected then ever

We need more theory in practice in a world thats is newly created in a technological manner. I now live in a disconnected society where the world is standing still. Outside of this bubble the world is re-producing new materia(l) to improve the networked society thats is build with the newest technology and collaboration between disciplines. Materia and knowledge in how interactive media can be used in the world of teaching, and how we can make imaginative use of our words to crete new works. The digital evolution touch us all in one way or another. The effects are both positive and negative.The rapid society makes us think in a more fragmented way and we loose track of traditions and place. But it also creates new traditions and new societies for those who before where silent and trapped. Some traditions are good to keep and some to break.

This is an observation made during period October to November in Atins in Brazil, in the area of Maranhoau. The place with no signal and weak attachments to the outer world (The never ever land). The line here is almost not existing and you can be happy those days where you can upload a photo on Facebook or talk to your bellowed around the world on Skype. I feel totally disconnected in a way I’ve never experienced. And I can feel its impact. I cant communicate when I want anymore. I have to wait for the line to start working again and sometimes these takes days. I pack my computer and walk the 20 minutes in the deep sand and hoping the line is working, almost every day. I miss my friends a lot and I cant reach anyone, nor pay bills in time or transfer money. Its a bit complicated to live without the line bit its also the most beautiful thing Ive experienced. The impact of the elements.

This can be seen as a personal test to leave materials behind and let go of all distraction. How I’m I? Who am I? Big questions are needed for reality check once in a while.

You cant close your eyes anymore and ignore the fact that internet is there with its spaceless and timeless format. We live in a paradigm shift where we are loosing contact with the industrial society and through a small hole the bubble squeezes into a new era of digital environments that requires a massive transformation of knowledge, society and culture to pin the way to success in the digital age. We, the humans, also transforms in to contemporary artists, all creating our main stage and taking advantage of the communicative platforms where you create your surface to the right forum. Using all multiple platforms and faces. We turn our head like the owl and the timelessness makes us all see in the dark if we want.

The www is growing bigger every day, in some parts in the world, most of the world. But here it is still darkness in the knowledge level of the world wide web. The first interface with the internet created troubles among the young boys using internet only to look for women. In a disaster way they tried to take away the phones but the damage is already done. Luckily there is no line. Could this be well planned or is it just the location that is creating this problem?

Discussions on how technology reduces empathy or not, or how net-mobbing is ruining our life situation at work or at home are discussions that are not necessary here. Here its rather a question about the fact if they even know what empathy is? Ive seen things Ive never seen before and I sometimes close my eyes and wander with my eyes shut to be able to understand the lack of empathy and the level of total ignorance in front of everything that is new and that enables change towards a more sustainable future for the people. The natives don’t only think in a offline reality mode, the natives also think backwards by reclining all kind of change and understanding for environmental discussions and will to improve existing life choices. I will give one example and the rest I will keep for more personal use. Imagine you drink a soft drink and after finishing it you just through it on the ground. .. Al waste goes straight out. A lot they burn, which is a good method, but they also burn plastic. and the track of plastic you find everywhere in this beautiful nature. Its like a huge garbage station all over. And It burns in my eyes to see it. And for the rest I’m not

gonna generalize and say all natives, there are always exceptions and the exceptions are always beautiful. The majority is although driven by a kind of ignorance I cant understand.

Its not about taking away traditions or land, its about creating understanding for new things that can improve the life situation in a poor world where some of them don’t even have clean water, even if they are surrounded by it and the ground is even floating on water here. I don’t know what it is but all people who comes to Atins, many also stayed in Atins they all experience the same things. The enormous force and impact of the nature. The forgotten land between the town Barherrinhas and the nature phenomena and nature reservoir The Lencouise. The desert filled with water thats attracts tourist from the whole world. Ive never heard about it before and Ive noticed that here are mostly french peel. In Sweden Ive never seen this place as an tourist attraction. but more people should come here. To the desert in neverland. The forgotten spot on the map.

Its beautiful here. I wake up every day in the same temperature of 32 degrees and a sun that is always shining. The wind is always steady and the water is always blue and that is why this place even got noticed fro the beginning. The gringo, as they call all people from outside the area, came with the board on the Kite on e day. And from there more Gringos came and they opened up the Posadas, the hotels for turists. They bought land and created their future homes. But Atins is still under construction and the development can be seen as a constant fight from both parts, The natives and the Gringos. Its the globetrotters with technology whom fights the old traditions and religions and totally disconnected natives. its a fight for understanding and an eager to collaborate and its hard when the word has different meaning in the different cultures. The machine stops here and its impact is small.

Atins started up as a place where the fishermen used the place as a meeting point. The stories are different in where they met up and discussed the daily happenings. The true democratic meeting recording to Habermas. Not yet destroyed with the faceless platforms of our time. If this place was the hore house or a fruit stand where they ate maracucha or caju this I don’t know. I love to listen to the stories from the older generation while Im drinking the sugarcane liquid, Cachacha, together with the old men in the bar with a horrible light. They are all proud of the history and they are still enjoying the same life as then. In total relax inside a bubble that protects from media effects and war. Not affected by symbols or cultural change, steady as a rock.

I cant help myself from wonder how you would feel if you never tried to enter the www yet. Here they have all they need but still I hear the complains about poverty and I am experiencing it all the time. Like in all places here are drinking and drug problems, rich and poor. Here you choice side in life. The dark side (drugs) or the light side (Church). Its that easy. In or out.

Not much choices
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