Why an unsalted MD5 hash is bad practice

Stefan van As
May 27, 2016 · 3 min read
[0..9, "a".."f"]
[216, 216, 166, 210, 233, 225, 251, 153, 48, 43, 71, 154, 143, 229, 64, 212]
echo d8d8a6d2e9e1fb99302b479a8fe540d4> hash.file
hashcat-cli64 -m 0 -a 0 -r rules/best64.rule hash.file rockyou.txt

Stefan van As

Written by

Delphi/Rust/Go developer. Ethereum consultant. Embarcadero MVP. Ex-Adobe, Macromedia. Helped build 1Password.

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