They Keep Coming Back: Social Entrepreneurship in 2017

Ushahidi, which is the Swahili word for “testimony,” is one of the most impressive start-ups ever to come out of Africa, having launched innovations that are now in use throughout the world. In less than ten years, their prolific output includes a crowd-sourced election monitoring platform, a robust and rugged multi-faceted modem initially designed to connect remote, off-the-grid regions of Kenya with the rest of the world, and an education platform in the Kio Kit, which is making a global impact as we speak.

Constantly asking themselves how they can be of greater service to a broader range of constituents, In Praise Of Resilience is a short documentary portrait about their work and their approach to design innovation.

Every time a project is delivered, it’s as if they ask themselves, “Now what? Where else can we apply what we’ve learned?”

This is what I admire about their work: they’re never satisfied with the first delivery, or even the final delivery. They keep coming back.

The film above features Ravi Naidoo, founder of Design Indaba in South Africa, and Juliana Rotich, executive director of Ushahidi and iHub, as well as co-founder of BRCK and KIO in Nairobi, Kenya.

Produced for the IxDA, the film is my director’s cut of the film that was released in conjunction with Interaction 17 in New York City, for its screening at the Interaction Awards in February 2017, where Ushahidi and Juliana Rotich were honored as the winners of the Future Voice Award 2017.