SV Angel Continues to Invest in One New Company Per Week

SV Angel
SV Angel
May 28, 2019 · 1 min read

Last year, we announced a new approach to seed investing that allows us to continue to be laser-focused on serving founders. In order to accomplish our goal of being the best partner for founders, we decided to invest internal capital going forward.

Since that time, our new fund, SV Angel VII, has invested $25k — $100k in over 50 early stage companies. That’s about one new investment per week — the same pace in which we’ve invested for 25 years.

Additionally, Beth Turner has been running the new fund alongside Topher as a General Partner. Beth is an MIT graduate in engineering and has been an integral part of our investment decisions, particularly in the areas of healthcare, software, and blockchain.

Ron continues to serve as Co-Managing partner with Topher, advising the firm and the founders we support. Brian Pokorny, Kevin Carter, Kartik Talwar, and Robert Pollak continue to serve as advisers to the firm.

We’re proud to have made more early investments in companies valued over $1 billion than any other firm and we look forward to continuing to work with great founders.

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