How to volunteer even if you don’t have time?

In this competitive world, people hardly get time to do what they actually wish for. They don’t even find time to spend quality time with their loved ones. Yet, some feel, had they got sometimes they can do a lot more to the society and to their families. They would have definitely utilized the opportunity and brought a major impact. We all have excuses, but we need to find ways to make things happen. You can still do a lot more without your physical presence. There are some ways you can bring the smile on those whom you care. Volunteering is an act of kindness and you can show your kindness by taking little efforts and I bet, you would bring a major change in the lives of those in need.

1> Are you good at articulating your feelings? Then why don’t you pen down about the organization you like? Take a little time every day and write down your opinions, idea and reviews about it and spread the message in the social media. This will help more people to know about the organization and they would come forward and help them in every way possible.

2> Start a fundraiser for that organization. Drop a penny every day and ask your friends, family members, colleague, and associates to donate a bit every day. One fine day, when you think, it is good enough, and then you can donate it to the organization you admire.

3> Prepare pamphlets, flyers etc. and post in church, park, temple, mosque, wherever you go. It will create awareness among people about the services rendered by the organization and increase the likeness towards their humble service.

4> You could also design few things for them or prepare banners for them, in case they need one.

5> You can inspire the people, who want to volunteer to join them in the organization you support. You can genuinely speak about the organization and motivate them to help them in their service.

You can think of such small acts and change the society around you. Do not look for excuses, every problem has a solution, therefore look for the possibilities and bring the change you want.

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try