I have a case where I have to load multiple Javascript bundles containing React components for server-side rendering based on a configuration in an environment variable. The bundles can be loaded from the filesystem, of over http(s). …

Azure provides next to Windows Web Apps also Linux based Web Apps. Windows web apps are based on multiple IIS Web Sites on a single VM. Linux Web Apps are underneath Linux containers instantiated from a Docker image.

See General availability of App Service on Linux and Web App for…

Sometimes you get a question and you think “why don’t you ask Google first…”. If you want to point this out “in a subtle way” use http://lmgtfy.com/.

I’m working in a development team with multiple developers and in our web.config we have a SQLServer connection string defined as:

<add name=”Jobs” connectionString=”Server=.\SQLEXPRESS; Database=Jobs; Integrated Security=SSPI;” />

I needed to install SQLServer 2016 for another project, and now I ended up with an instance name .\SQL2016. When I change…

There are times that you have YouTube urls in your data set but can only display an mp4 video. I had this case in an amp-story where amp-youtube is not supported but only amp-video is supported. The service uses the AJAX endpoint used internally by YouTube’s iframe embed API. The format is as follows: https://www.youtube.com/get_video_info?video_id={videoId}. See the Reverse-engineering YouTube blog post for great background information on this endpoint. As far as I know you need to do the call just before you use the mp4 url, because the url can expire.

Call it like:


(url-encode the value of the url parameter when using it from code)



When the call fails it will return an error as follows:

{"success":false,error:"Url parameter missing"}

Azure has a great command-line interface to manage all things Azure called Azure Cloud Shell. In this cloud shell you have the command az to do all kind of command-line interactions on Azure. …

The best hardware for running Windows 10 is… a MacBook Pro! But I must say that I was a bit disappointed that I could not run Docker for Windows right away. I’m running Windows 10 using Boot Camp, and virtualization was disabled (start Task Manager, select the Performance tab, see the “Virtualization” at the bottom right). After a long search I stumbled upon the blog post HACK: Force VT-x to be always on when booting to Windows on your MacBook that described the installation and configuration of a boot loader that solved the problem!

Doing a lot with NodeJs lately to start web services, and sometimes when I restart my node service it says that the IP port I want to start on is already in use. There is still a node instance running, but I can’t find it… until now!

Open a Command Prompt with administrator permissions and execute: netstat -a -b -o, look at the process id (PID) that uses the port you need, for example 2612.

Kill that process using: TaskKill /PID 2612 /F.


I had a very old Git branch (NewBranch) where I did some new development. In the meantime, the branch I originally branched from (OriginalBranch) was so different that I only wanted to copy out the changed files into a zip file. I found some funky Git one-liner commands that work…

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Technology Consultant @ Macaw in the Netherlands. Interested in front-end web development: ReactJS, Storybook, TypeScript, Hypernova, PWA, AMP, Atomic Design,…

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