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I went to Lynbrook High School in the late 1970’s and I still live in the area. I have one correction the students at the school are from West San Jose and Saratoga. It is a matter of civic pride that it is the best public high school in the city. I was one that was academically oriented and when I was on the team that won the U.S, History competition two years in a row there was almost no recognition at all. I remember one parent at the time at the board meeting where we got the award I am glad my son plays football and doesn’t spend his afternoons studying. You might say we were the “Asians” of the time. There is a 30% premium for houses in this area in comparison to the exact same house built the same builder at the same time in an adjacent neighborhood. Houses often never actually go on the market here and they sell on the first weekend that they are shown with multiple offers. And yes I can tell many of the white folks that I know have left because the area has become too Asian. Article was spot on.

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