Debunking the imagery of the “Irish slaves” meme
Liam Hogan

Very useful! Especially in this

1.2015–2024 International Decade for People of African Descent #africandescent

2. 2011–2020 Third (!) International Decade for the Eradication of Colonialism. 2015-YEAR 5 Time to take stock. Keep the Promise, Claim the Promise? #Colonialism

3. 2015 European Year for Development Aid — Our World, Our Future, Our Dignity. #EYD2015
EU-28 Development Aid: 96 billion $ vs 65 billion $ the rest of the world, total 160 billion $
USA Aid: $31.55 billion + 16.5 b by private sector to projects both in as outside of the USA

In the EU-28 only 8 countries have a slavery and colonial past. I’m fed up that I get a bad reputation as a white person because a minority in these 8 don’t want to own their wrongdoings, have a problem apologizing and ask for forgiveness as often as it is required by the victims and their descendants, hence preventing healing and business opportunities for me and mines. The latter shows the interest of the vast majority of the EU-28 to participate in the #ColonialismDecade and #AfricanDescentDecade.

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