I pulled this post together for a Book Group at my company, W2O Group, to share the books I’ve been enjoying and the ones I am looking forward to reading soon. I’m sharing here in case anyone else is interested. So without further ado, here are the 3 books I recently finished, the one I am currently working on, and the next books I plan to read:

Just Finished:

“When Breath Becomes Air” — Paul Kalanithi

One of the most moving books I’ve ever read. A passionate story of a genius neurosurgeon in the prime of his life facing an unexpected cancer diagnosis and asking the question “What makes life worth living in the face of death?.” After hearing his wife speak at Stanford MedX I was deeply moved. After reading the book I couldn’t stop crying.

“Hillbilly Elegy” — JD Vance

Such an interesting memoir recounting what life is like in middle America (or really any rural town in the US.) written by a kid who got out, went to Yale and became a successful lawyer in the SF bay area. And with the recent twist of his announcement that he is moving back to rural America!

“Being Mortal” — Atul Gawande

Another moving book on how we treat the end of life in America. I must admit this one brought tears to my eyes as Dr. Gawande recounts story after story of the elderly going through horrible end of life experiences. Reading this will make you question how you take care of your loved ones at the end of their life and how you want your end of life experience to transpire.

Currently Reading:

“Creativity, Inc.” — Ed Catmull

So far I am loving this book which tells the genesis story of Pixar, Inc. and details Ed Catmull’s leadership learnings from his career creating and leading the most creative movie studio around. Reminds me a bit of Walter Isaacson’s wonderful Steve Job’s biography.

Up Next:

The Undoing Project: A Friendship That Changed Our Minds — Michael Lewis

I just love every Michael Lewis book and I am pumped to read this one which tells “how a Nobel Prize–winning theory of the mind altered our perception of reality.” According to Amazon, It tells the story of Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky who “wrote a series of breathtakingly original studies undoing our assumptions about the decision-making process. Their work created the field of behavioral economics, revolutionized Big Data studies, advanced evidence-based medicine, led to a new approach to government regulation, and made much of Michael Lewis’s own work possible. Kahneman and Tversky are more responsible than anybody for the powerful trend to mistrust human intuition and defer to algorithms.”

“The Healing of America: A Global Quest for Better, Cheaper, and Fairer Health Care” — T.R. Reid

Getting back to my education in all things healthcare with this one. Very excited to learn how our healthcare system compares with those of other developed nations and how we got to this point. Here is the Amazon description: “Bringing to bear his talent for explaining complex issues in a clear, engaging way, New York Times bestselling author T. R. Reid visits industrialized democracies around the world — France, Britain, Germany, Japan, and beyond — to provide a revelatory tour of successful, affordable universal health care systems. Now updated with new statistics and a plain-English explanation of the 2010 health care reform bill, The Healing of America is required reading for all those hoping to understand the state of health care in our country, and around the world.”

I would love to hear the books y’all are currently reading and any recommendations on books you loved and think I would love as well! Don’t be shy. #GoAhead #MakeItHappen