The Wrong Expert

You are only an expert in your industry if you know everything. The latest industry trends, every methodology, best practice, framework and very important: every acronym.

But do you really know everything? What if someone would ask you what that acronym you just used stands for and what that actually means in plain English? Is your expertise build on actual knowledge and experience or did you just pick up the latest buzzword from an industry analyst report?

More importantly: Is it really your job as an expert to know everything? Are you supposed to intimidate people using complex lingo or should you actually invite people to better understand your field of expertise?

When you assume you either needs to know everything in your field or, even worse, are so arrogant to believe you actually do, you are the Wrong Expert.

Expertise is not a status but a vocation. A commitment to lifelong learning and the mission to open your field of expertise to as many people as possible by explaining it the most comprehendible way.

It is about constantly admitting your lack of knowledge and not to hide behind funky sounding acronyms.

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