Probably not a good idea to publicly slam the company that pays your bills and the CEO that signs…
Kris Gellci

I do have to agree with Kris.

When taking a job and sign a contract with those conditions, one should be complaining. When building a house one has to take everything in consideration. That means that one has to count and be a good steward.

When just taking a job to … just take a job, … well, that’s the wrong attitude anyway.

But when going to work, wanting to add to the company then you will stick out of the crowd and after time will be rewarded for it. No, not just sticking out for your own benefit and kiss butt, but honestly add to the company, make it your business to make their business. That has to do with attitude.

About a well payed CEO that has a large house, large garden, nice expensive car and maybe a butler, … well, be happy for it. That is his business. Be happy for people that are able to enjoy the luxuries in life.

One would be surprised how some of the rich people used to live before they became rich. (and by the way; define rich)

When signing a contract one has to consider the costs of living, traveling and other. If all that doesn’t add up… just don’t sign the contract, go back where you come from and go study, find a better job, cheaper living, roommate, challenge yourself, challenge your boss in a positive way so it challenges yourself to do better, etc.

Don’t blame the hand that is feeding you.

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