Please Just Fucking Die Already
Caitlin Johnstone

A just and moral God would use evil men to punish the wicked. And He has! That is why God allows the Democratic Party and the Republican Party to exist. So that the evil people in both parties (all of the people registered to vote in either party fit this bill) could punish the wicked of the other party and God didn’t even need to get His hands dirty

Checkmate Atheists.

And may I just say that the Snowflakes tears have been delicious. I enjoy the pain of Democrats under Trump as much as I enjoyed the pain of Republicans under Obama.

A just God would even allows for an All Volunteer Army so that the STUPID people in both parties could voluntarily become Blood Sacrifices to the Civic Religion of American Corporatism.

Let’s face it. Democrats love War too. Hillary and Obama certainly did. The Twin Party system is maintained by the power brokers and the power brokers LOVE war. Bankers love war. Wall Street loves war. There is a ton of money to be made in war. And restrictions on Liberty Too (See USA PATRIOT ACT and restrictions on plane flights and etc!) The IRS withholding tax started during a war under FDR. He was a Democrat…Right? Vietnam started under Kennedy and expanded with LBJ. They were Democrats…Right?

I guess you could be like me. An old Hippie Vietnam War protestor that never had a draft card and didn’t let my sons register either. Of course I don’t pay income taxes because that would support men and women like Obama and McCain and Hillary that love war. I practice what I preach. Do you?

Wake up Atheists. God is a loving merciful but just being. Moral peace loving people don’t hate God or claim he does not exist. They fear Him and His judgments and so they are loving and peaceful and they don’t pay voluntary income taxes that support the evil wicked Twin party system. They stand up to the evil on both sides instead of paying for it voluntarily.

You are among the millions of Americans who comply with the tax law voluntarily. –1992 Form 1040 Tax Instruction Booklet

Some people walk the walk. Others just publish articles about how evil the other evil people are. It is like Hitler bitching about how evil Stalin was.

If you pay income taxes you are not anti-war. You just pay for others to do the killing for you and then complain about it while pointing your bloody finger. “They did it. Those rotten (insert either party here)!”

And I am praying for the shovel ready Ginsberg to be taken home ASAP. “Fucking die already.” I think God will agree with me on this one and helps me out because we have a really good relationship! But if McCain goes first — AWESOME! Let’s throw Hillary in there too. What a wonderful trifecta that would be for people that love liberty and honor it.