May I ask what you do for medical care?
Mark Saylor

Can you even tell me what the legal definition of the U.S. dollar is? So why ask if I would pay hundreds of thousands of dollars? Which U.S. dollar?

The first thing I do is I don’t trust the medical industry. It took me a while to wise up but what kind of moron would use U.S. Big Pharma toadies (M.D.s) in 2017 AD? In our younger lives we went to these drug dealer quacks called MDs. They nearly killed both my wife and I with the poisons and misdiagnoses. The sickest my wife ever was was when she had Cadillac Health Insurance. The doctors had her on a almost a dozen poisons. Now we take care of ourselves. It is nice that Nevada has legalized marijuana. God’s Cure-all (pain management, cancer cure, etc.). My wife had been misdiagnosed for 30 years until she did her own genealogy and found out that for a 3 dollar (silver dollars that is) test she had what three of her grandmothers died of. The cure? A $1 a month vitamin pill.

I shop wherever I choose to shop. I cannot control what others do. Even Jesus traded and dealt with evil people. I am in the world but not of the world. So don’t waste your time going there. Have you ever studied war where the enemy had invaded and to fight back the smart ones stole and used the weapons of the enemy. I use the weapons of my enemies to continue to fight against the U.S. established religion/cult of socialism and that often means trading with that enemy. It is a long tradition of my family. Like how my Patriot Grandfathers in 1776 bought British goods so they could defeat the British. William Bedford Forrest armed his men with weapons stolen from the Yankees. Should he have given them back or burned them to be pure enough for folks like you?

And besides…My wife and I have cost the Socialist government millions of Federal Reserve Notes by exposing corruption and fraud and violations of law. So if everyone was like us we could have stopped the corruption. But too many Americans believe that all they need to do is vote for some Republicrat puke and their duty is done. And then they dip into the Federal Welfare Pig Trough claiming they paid taxes so they have the right. And so the become pigs and voluntary slaves and they love it. Well I don’t and so I reject the cult of Socialism and fight against it. Peacefully. Always peaceful and in court using the tools the Democrats gave me like the RFRA and other laws that brilliant freedom lovers use to be live free in a Socialist world. And as Monty Python always says. I always look on the bright side of life.

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