I am a Woman. You are a Trans Woman. And That Distinction Matters.

Dear Feminists: Here is this weeks life hack for understanding men.

I am descended from Vikings and Romans and Huns. You know…men that took anything they wanted including the wives and daughter of other men that could not defend them. I have traveled back through my genealogy… through my slave owner Southern roots and my 1776 Patriot/rebels, my kings and queens and pirates and generals and warriors. Women wonder why they get raped. It is because men are aggressive animals by NATURE. They kill and pillage and enslave, and they rape. Historically men slaughter families and took the women for themselves. Often they would castrate the boys and enslave them. Take a few minutes and look up Christopher Moody and you can see why women that do not understand what burns in the heart of men are victims waiting to happen. The Christopher Moodys of the past walk among you ALWAYS. Remember that.

There is an old Viking joke: Do you know why Norse women are so beautiful? It’s because they didn’t keep the ugly ones.

Rape and pillage and enslaving every color of the rainbow was what Vikings did for fun and glory. And that is not some rare trait. The Huns. The Romans. The Franks. The Mongols. The Spanish Slave Traders. Does anyone really believe that the nature of men has changed? If you do you overestimate evolution. If you believe men are different inside than they were 1000 years ago YOU ARE WRONG. Take 3 hours and watch a football game. Watch the joy men get our of bashing each other. Watch a boxing match. Listen to the cheers. Watch an MMA fight. Men LOVE violence. It is in our nature. And we also love to look at women that are looking for men and dress to attract.

On the other hand I don’t know a man that does not respect the female MMA fighters that they know can kick most men’s butts. Any bets that these female MMA fighters will not get raped?

Women wonder why they get raped. A lot of it is because so many women dress like they want to have sex and want male attention NOW and so it hurts all women. Do you whinny women know nothing about body language? Don’t you know that wearing high heals tightens your butt and makes you look more sexually attractive to men? You wear make up to be more attractive. You wear tight short skirts and practically nothing at the beach. And you do this on purpose and then blame men for looking. Why not get mad at men for smelling cookies cooking and wanting to eat them?

NATURE! It is called NATURE!

And then you seem to fail to realize that men are violent and hard wired to procreate. Why do so many of you women IGNORE nature? Don’t tell me that men should not objectify women. That is like telling a gay man not to be gay. It is called nature. We were born to want women and to procreate. Just like all the animals in the animal kingdom. Humans have natural instincts to reproduce. And violence is in our genetic make-up. Men have historically loved war. To Vikings it was the only way to get to Valhalla. Women…Learn from history or repeat it. Stop being victims.

Women want men to be what they are not UNTIL they want them to be what they are. No means no unless of course it means yes. You want men to be responsible and even somewhat feminine until you WANT the Beast. Women want freedom without responsibility. That is not a reasonable belief. Here is a good list to follow if you want to REDUCE your chances of being raped.

  1. Buy a gun and learn how to use it. Let men you are with KNOW you carry and know how to use it.
  2. Learn a martial art. Let men you are with KNOW you can hurt them.
  3. Don’t get drunk at a Frat party wearing little to nothing.
  4. Don’t get high at a Frat party wearing little to nothing.
  5. Don’t go out alone. Go out with your father (if he is a good moral man) or your brother. Better yet your armed brothers. Or your armed husband. Or your sisters that are armed and dangerous. Historically women didn’t go out alone. They went out surround by ARMED MEN! Why? Because women were a prize to be taken by violent men. Learn from history.
  6. Don’t wear clothes that make you look like you love showing off your body. If it doesn’t hurt you it will hurt other women. Men are pigs. Turn them on too much and they will act like the violent animals nature made them to be. Learn it. Know it. Prepare for it. Protect yourself because Cops are around to arrest the rapist not to stop the rape.
  7. Don’t sexually tease the 200 pound raging beast that you are alone with. Better yet don’t be alone with him. If nature takes over you have placed yourself alone with a violent animal. What were you thinking? Did you believe that this man was not wanting to have sex 24 hours a day? If you do then you don’t know men. And saying “no” after you shook your boobs and ass at him flashed that smile will be like telling the Grizzly bear not to eat you. Nature takes over and you are on the menu.
  8. Don’t expect men to treat you as anything but a sexual joy stick because so many men are thinking exactly that. Not all of them…but most of them.
  9. Watch The Godfather II and see how Michael Corleone is never allowed to be alone with the traditional father’s beautiful daughter Michael is dating. Then get it though your head as to why that USED to be normal. Because women DESERVE to be treated with honor and GOOD men must insure it because bad violent men are everywhere. Think Ted Bundy and protect yourself always.

Get this through your sweet little innocent princess minds. Men are violent sexual animals. Some of us control that violence because or our Christian beliefs or other religious reasons. Remember that the law of Nature is the Stongest take what they want. Religion tones that done but it is never suppressed entirely. So don’t believe for a minute that you can trust any man. Parents that have left their children alone with Priests are as guilty for those rapes as the Catholic Church. Nature is a powerful thing. If you women don’t do what it takes to protect yourselves then you are like the British fishing village on the coast of England just peacefully waiting for the Viking raid that will kill your men, rape your women and enslave them and your children and steal everything you once owned. “But the king said he would protect us.” Too bad they didn’t prepare to protect themselves. Too late now. Personal responsibility is something that women have rejected. That is clearly demonstrated when they demand that other people or the government must pay for their “women’s health issues.”

I have been married to the same wonderful strong woman for 38 years. If I ever cheated on her my sons/her sons would ensure that I lived to regret it. But first I would have to make it though the very night she found out and while I slept. Fat Chance. And if I ever was violent with her. My situation would be far worse than death. There is no defense to a big pot of boiling water poured over me while I sleep. But my wife and kids don’t have to worry because my religious beliefs keep me moral and non-violent with them because the heaven I want is not Valhalla. I have earned that respect and trust because I am not violent with my wife or children or grandchildren. But if I didn’t believe in Jesus Christ and eternal punishment for rape and violence then what REASON would I have for being anything but what nature and DNA made me to be? A violent, take what I want, Viking! A new Christopher Moody taking whatever I want.

Life is historically violent. Men are historically violent. Science says we come from apes. Apes take what they want. Why do women ignore science and nature when it comes to protecting themselves from rape and violence? Why do you trust men to be anything but the violent animal nature has made us. Think of the male lion and treat men exactly that way unless you want to let nature take its course and are prepared to breed.

When a REAL man walks into a crowded room with his wife or daughter he looks around the room to pick out the men he may need to fight to protect the female he brought into this dangerous situation. And ALL situations are dangerous. All of them. Hunters are everywhere. Women need to get that through their pretty little heads. We are not residing in a wonderful little Fairy Tale dream where the prince will come and be ever so sweet and nice and protect you from all harm. We live in a violent world where we encourage our young men to be violent and learn to kill other people. We run ads on radio and print and tv to encourage men to join the military so they can be instructed on how to be violent. Do you think men just can shut that off? Men are not robots. The FIRE BURNS WITHIN! Nature is a very scary thing. Rage is scary. Men with Roid rage are even scarier. And such violent men are everywhere.

Treat all situations like you are a Black man, driving a nice expensive car in an all White neighborhood and the Cops just pulled up behind you and turned on their lights. Expect that you are ALWAYS in danger because men have hormones and DNA and are violent by nature. And men are normally much bigger and stronger than you women because NATURE made men bigger and stronger than women because obviously Nature suffers from misogyny. That is another something you can be angry with because you are not equal to men. That rotten MOTHER NATURE did this too women so blame her.

Grow up. Be responsible. Be prepared to KILL your attacker. Stay out of dangerous situations. Stop assuming that everyone in the room has your best interest at heart when you obviously DON’T because of the clothing you are wearing or the booze you are drinking or the drugs you are taking. Stay in groups you trust and don’t trust them either. Don’t wear reveling clothing that makes you look like you are looking for a hook-up. Men are not blind and they NEVER turn a blind eye. Men are on the hunt! You are the prey. Fathers and brothers were there to protect their women from the hunters. That is how it has been historically but now women believe that the need a man like a fish needs a bicycle. So it is time to man up ladies. Grow a set or be a voluntary victim. Nature is a cruel taskmaster.

I am a father of two lovely young ladies. I never trusted any boy that looked at them because I was once a teenage boy. Young men in their 20s are WORSE and more dangerous.

Before I go on a walk around the block I arm myself because we live in a dangerous world. If I am confronted by a group of violent men the next man or woman they confront will have one or two less evil men to face. If women do not act this way, ALWAYS, to protect yourselves then you are letting MOTHER NATURE take HER course. So stop complaining. Blame yourself. Or arm yourself. Build that castle. Build the dam to keep back the dangerous waters of nature.

Mother Nature is one giant misogynist bitch. All she wants is a new generation and how that seed gets planted is of no concern to her.

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