If Gorsuch had had any integrity at all, he would have refused to accept a stolen SCOTUS seat.
Gail M. Eppers

If the Democrats had any integrity at all they would not have rigged the election for a known criminal and liar… Hillary. If the Republican voters had any integrity at all they wouldn’t have had a single Republican presidential candidate get any votes. The Fact that Trump is president proves that no Republican has any integrity. The fact that Hillary was the candidate for the Democrats proves that no Democrat has any integrety. This is a war between twin evils. It is like Hitler v Stalin. We the People will lose no matter which of the Bankers twin parties wins the elections.

The Republicans outplayed the Democrats. While the Democrats were worried about which bathroom a freak could use the Republican party was planning, and succeeding, on how to take over the country for 20 years. If you are a Democrat that is not into Sadomasochism it is going to be a long 8 years.

5–0 in special elections wins for Republicans for Congress. And that will continue into 2018. Why because the Democrats will continue to INSULT Christians. Trump will be reelected (no matter how inconceivable that is to me or anyone with a brain). He will be elected because the Democrats do not have a plan that does not include protecting the Freak Fest and calling the regular old blue collar Christian a part of the “Basket of Deplorables.”

I am tired of the U.S. civic religion being forced upon me. Whether it is the Fascist/Corporatist Republican civic religion or the Marxist/Corporatist civic religion of the Democrats. I will not be forced to serve a Smurf or a Transalien or a naked heterosexual who is just feeling the need to be naked today as a part of his changing into some as yet unidentified form of freak.

Like the Christians of Rome I would rather go to the lions than to do what I am told I must by the Republican Cult or the Marxist Church of the Democrats.

And for the record… my daughter and business partner is a lesbian. My brother-in-law (that we help care for) used to be my sister-in-law. My grandchildren are amazing, beautiful different and mixed (White, Black, Yellow and Brown). My adopted special needs child is Hispanic. I don’t need to be told who I must serve or love by the likes of Hillary or Jerry (if it’s Brown Flush it). Or by the likes of Trump. So if Gorsuch is going to protect me from you because I don’t want to be a part of your civic religion then I fully support him and hope we get another 4 of him on the Court. I will continue to pray that God takes a bunch of the current judges “home” so they can be judged by God as they judged others. I don’t care if they are men, women or even “theys” if they will strengthen the RFRA to the point that the government cannot force me to love kitties or force me to pet puppies or require me to serve Smurfs, or support any of the twin Party candidates.

Force creates HATE. Force me to do ANYTHING and I will HATE and FIGHT the law that Forces me, even if I was doing it voluntarily before the government passed a law to FORCE ME. Force is Satanic. I will fight against it.

Civic religions, enforced by the government, are as unconstitutional as any other religion. The FreakFest religion of Force and the Civic Religion of Fascism/Marxism cannot be assisted by the government, Constitutionally, any more than the Catholic’s beliefs on ANYTHING can be forced on the FreakFest. And yet the government is doing just that.

freak /frēk/ noun

  • 1. a very unusual and unexpected event or situation.
  • 2. a person, animal, or plant with an unusual physical abnormality.

So go get’em Gorsuch. Make it so the government cannot FORCE me to love and care for people I already love and care for. Oh…and also protect my right to keep and bear arms. Those two are the only two “rights” I care about any more. They rest of the so-called protected rights have been so weakened that they have no real meaning now that Congress is filed with Pagans/Fascist and Witches/Socialists and Atheists/Marxists.

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