Andrew Endymion

Nope. Socialism is a religion. Communism is too. Read what Trotsky wrote about Marx being a prophet. Read about the “SACREDNESS” of Socialist programs. Read about the religion of Mao. The Encyclopedia of Religion states that China’s CIVIC RELIGION is the most successful civic religion in the world. Well the SCOTUS has ruled that civic religions are unconstitution if established by the government. The Democrats and Republican leadership alike have proclaim Social Security to be “sacred”. I don’t believe it is sacred. I believe it is evil and I don’t have a Social Security Number and do not pay any Social Secuirty or Medicare taxes. I will never take any religious benefits from those socialist programs either since I am not a part of that religion. My wife and kids and grandkids don’t have SSNs either. They are not a part of that filthy Satanic religion either… Thank God.

I hope that cleared it up!

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