There isn’t very much evidence that oil is not a fossil fuel.
Jake Hamby

Thanks for your concern. We have been told since the early 20th century that we were going to soon run out of oil. That kept the prices high. Follow the money. Fossils do not extend down to the depths that oil is being discovered and pumped. So what is the agenda to claim they are fossil fuels? To claim that we will eventually run out and that oil is not a product that the earth creates is laughable. Follow the money.

I am an Eagle Scout. I have been a conservationist since I was a child. So about 50 years. I don’t like drinking dirty water or breathing filthy air. But I also believe that the theory that man is causing “Global Climate Change” to be ridiculous at best. It is as convincing as the “magic bullet theory” and that you can trust the government to be honest about anything. Trusting the government is like trusting Al Gore or Hillary Clinton or George W. Bush or Trump or a Catholic priest to watch your child. The “science” of Global climate change is at best a religion and at worst a manipulation by the powerful to make money off the little guys like you and me. I watched “scientists” lie about how long people were in the Americas and only recently the truth is coming out. Evidence was covered up. Careers were ruined if anyone found evidence contrary to the 13,000 year that depended upon the garbage land bridge theory. West to east movement by Clovis man is a joke without an evidence. “Scientists” LIED about the Vikings being in the Americas long before Columbus and now have to admit that my people were here first. Why would I trust scientists when their grants and livelihood often hinge on the outcome of their claims? Who is paying them and what is their agenda. Follow the money trail.

My ancestors are Vikings. They lived in Greenland. It was a pretty nice place to live way back then. Humans did not cause that warming cycle or the cold cycle that followed it. And people are not causing this one. One volcano can spew more filth into the air than all the humans in history. But if you want to believe in magic bullets that is your choice. I have been a political activist for 50 years. I KNOW how corrupt the system is. I know how agendas are formed and people are paid off or intimidated or even killed to keep the truth from the public. And make no mistake BOTH of the Twin Parties have done it. I have seen how science is nothing more than a pawn to powerful corporations. The Medical community used to tell us smoking cigarets were safe and even healthy. Need I say more? Follow the money. Who paid those scientists to claim cigarets were safe? The tobacco industry? LOL Follow the money.

Science will remain the tool of the rich and powerful. Anyone that trusts “scientists” as the finial word may end up dead from a magic bullet.

But if you need to follow the teachings and preachings of your cult and follow in blind faith that is your right. But be sure to know that what they are after is what is in your wallet and care nothing about you and yours or the truth.

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