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The jury in this Snowflake’s case felt as though the arrest was wrong. They didn’t do what was right. Instead they said that they didn’t really have a choice in conviction because of the law and the judge’s instructions. You poor Snowflakes should start studying the rules on Jury Nullification. You can count on it that the Anarchists and FAR right-wing know about it and how to use it. If the jury didn’t like what the Cops did or that Sessions IS a Racist and deserved to be denounced they could have just voted NOT GUILTY and she would have walked. Wake up Snowflakes. The power of the jury awaits you!

You Snowflakes need to learn what we liberty lovers, that don’t demand the government pay for their…everything…can turn on you and rend you at anytime. You believed that the government would be your friend. WAKE UP TIME!

“A government big enough to give you everything you want, is a government big enough to take away everything that you have.”

So tic tic tic has turned to take take take! Enjoy!

It is so fun to watch the Snowflakes suffer like they make the Christians who don’t want to serve the LGBTQ — RSTUVWXYZs suffer. The more you scream and cry the more people will get sick of your protests.

Did you poor Snowflakes see Trump’s Executive order on religious liberty today? AWESOME! The pulpits will now be a flame with attacks on the LGBTQs. And they will not risk their 501(c)(3) status any more. The calls for stoning will continue. So do you really want a Christian to bake that cake or take that picture? And this is just a start of the pain and frustration the Snowflakes will suffer.

I HATE Trump. I am nearly an anarchist. I did not vote for him. But Hillary was just the other side of that two faced twin party system. To watch you Socialist weep is just delightful. Please keep it going.

I can’t wait on this from the Racist AG: “[T]he Attorney General shall, as appropriate, issue guidance interpreting religious liberty protections in Federal law.”

So keep those tears coming and know without doubt that I, and countless others, will enjoy every last drop.