You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.
Dina Leygerman

Women are not equal. Glad you finally understand. And women will never be equal. Just like men will never be able to give birth. Thank God we will never be equal. I don’t want to be like a women. My wife does amazing things that I cannot do. And I can do things she cannot do. We don’t want to be equal. We want to be helpers to each other. That is why we are happy and not filed with hatred like the feminists are. So you are soooo right. Women are not equal and if you ever become equal do you know what you will be? A man.

My grandson was told he was beautiful before he was told he was smart. We told him he was beautiful the day he was born. But he was so stupid he couldn’t even talk yet. We did the same with our granddaughters and daughters and sons. Every one of then was more beautiful than smart when they were born.

And I don’t allow my wife to do anything. She does what she wants to do because if I were to try to stop her she would leave me and then do what she wanted to do without me. But then she wouldn’t be able to be with me and she wants that more than anything else. 38 years of love. So we care MORE about our mate than ourselves. But you feminist are all about YOU. Why would any man want to have anything to do with such vanity? To be the greatest of all you must be the servant of all. A good man is a servant to his wife and a good woman is a servant to her husband.

We love each other. In that we are alike but not equal. Because if we were equal I would love myself and not my wife. And I love my wife and she loves me. You see were are different. She loves men and I love women. That will never be equal.

But PLEASE keep crying. Your tears are delicious. If my daughter whine like you I would tell her to get up and go block that defensive tackle because she played football as a child. So she grew up to be a real woman and not a feminist. Even though she is married to a girl. And my business partner.

Whiners. Please keep whining. Real men and real women LOVE your tears.

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