How to adapt our living space to the new and strange times we are living.

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On the 10th of March, I landed in my hometown, Bucharest, a city filled with old, communist blocks of flats. After a few days visiting the beautiful land of Cantabria in northern Spain, I was suddenly in the middle of the coronavirus crisis, advised to stay at home for at least fourteen days. In the meantime, things have rapidly changed across the globe and my country is now under strict quarantine rules. …

It might seem like one of those resolutions you never accomplish, but it is easier than you think.

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It is the beginning of the year again and we look back to our last year’s achievements. And then we take a look at last month’s spendings. We have spent money on presents, wrapping paper, great quantities of food that we eventually threw to the garbage, parties and all kind of other stuff that helped us survive or celebrate the holiday season. But we all know that December is an exception to the rule and now we are back to normality or…

How to learn new languages efficiently, not fast.

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If you are reading this, there are high chances you want or need to learn a new language. Whether it is something you want to accomplish for yourself or something that you need to do in order to be promoted at your job, learning a new language is a process that involves effort, patience and passion.

I am now 27 years old and have learned two foreign languages: English and Dutch. Both are part of the Germanic languages, while my native language is Romanian, part of the Romance languages. It would have been easier for me to learn French or…

Or why mindfulness became popular for a good reason

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Have you ever felt the chaos in your mind? The questions that will keep on coming when all you want to do is catch some hours of sleep? Or anxiety taking hold of your being?

For sure I have felt all of the above.

And the way I have dealt with these confusing and sometimes terrifying emotions has varied. From drinking to taking Xanax, going out to be surrounded by people, partying until the morning, going to therapy sessions, reading motivational quotes and inspiring stories and writing my struggles for endless hours, I had tried them all. But no mindfulness.

For you and your readers.

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Writing is a difficult task. Writing about our traumas can be harrowing. Nonetheless, writing about our struggles is a way to confront and analyze our limitations, to find acceptance, and to move forward.

But the benefits of writing about pain are not limited to the writer. Reading about the issues that other people are facing can change our perspective, increase our empathy, and open our eyes to our struggles.

Nowadays, it is a generally accepted idea that writing has therapeutical benefits. Whether it is a diary, a novel where we let our imagination blossom, an article, or a letter to…

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It was a night like every other night.

The house was dark and sunk in an almost perfect silence. Her husband was not snoring, the fridge was not gurgling, the doors were not squeaking. The only noise following her when she woke up in the warm bed was her faint breathing.

She silently removed the blanket, put her slippers on and went to the living room. She started rolling a cigarette, lit it and went to the windows to open it. As she was smoking her cigarette, watching the city breath from her window, she realized she had become a…

And why we should do it

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Writers know that choosing the right words is essential for their writing and for the impact their work can have. We can use many words, phrases and constructions to express the same idea, but not all the choices will generate the same impact on our readers. As writers, we are often faced with the struggle of finding the words that can help us convey an idea accurately and that can also captivate the reader and keep the fluency of the text. It is true that we can get creative and invent words in fictional writing — for dadaist poets it…

Image of a string of chairs
Image of a string of chairs
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Through dadaism, we learn that creativity is unlimited.

What is art, and what is Dada?

We create art to represent our world, our surroundings, our fears, hopes and dreams. We create art to fight and to survive, to teach and to provoke.

And what happens when the rules of our world prove to be meaningless when the norms we were forced to accept become chains for our freedom? And more importantly, what happens when all we are left to represent is the chaos of our world and the insecurities of our consciousness?

Then Dadaism is born.

Our lives are fragile, our world is dying. But we should still strive for more.

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We live in a world that is often unfair, in communities where the laws and rules are not protecting the weak, with bodies that get sick and we minds that crash. The control we have over our lives is limited. This is why I reject motivational quotes, as I know they will not defend me in case of a bombing, disease or if a meteorite hits my house.

But how can we become the persons we want to be, start a new project and focus on our improvement when so many things could go wrong in this terrifying world?

if you are a woman.

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The ability to use communication for other purposes than survival is an essential characteristic of the human behavior. We use communication to talk about ourselves, our environment, our world, our past and our future and the capacity to question norms and ideas has helped our communities evolve and progress. Whether we say our opinions in a bar after a few drinks or in a televised debate, we certainly like to express our ideas and to defend them. …


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